Double Standard

June/10/2009 19:42PM
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Here we go again. David Letterman makes a joke about Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter being “knocked up” by ARod. He also said Palin shopped at Bloomingdales to maintain her slutty flight attendant look.
No media outrage. None. Silence. The New York Times conveniently left out the A Rod joke. What’s out of bounds?

Don Imus makes a nasty comment about the Rutgers woman’s basketball team and he is off the air. These were college aged women. Sarah’s daughter is 14. In my judgment, Letterman should be off the air for a year, minimum or fired at best.

What if Letterman had made the same joke about Obama’s daughter?

This young lady has to face her friends and listen to the comments from them about Letterman’s joke.

This flaming left wing jerk thinks he can attack anyone and get away with vicious comments and expect laughs. I have a 13 year old granddaughter and I’m incensed. There is no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to come to Willow’s defense. Where are they? Is it only black women who deserve protection form idiots like Letterman and Imus? There is a double standard. Where is the network on this? They have made no comments.

Two New Black Panthers can dress in military fatigues and stand in front of a polling place and intimidate white voters. No problem. The Attorney General refused to prosecute. If two whites had dressed in fatigues in front of a polling place and intimidated blacks from voting, the prosecution would be swift and harsh. Double standard.

Injustices in this country should get equal justice. Imus goes off the air, Letterman goes off the air. Black Panthers engage in clearly illegal activities in front of a polling place, they go to jail. Justice is supposed to be blind. Not part of any diversity reverse bias.

Imus was on every media outlet the day after the comment, skewered as he should have been. Letterman gets laughs. Willow pays a bigger price than the Rutgers basketball players, since Letterman has a much bigger audience than Imus.

We are living in some kind of weird world where anything goes for some and nothing goes for others.

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