Britain Has it Right

June/04/2009 17:59PM
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We tend to look down our noses at the Brits. After all, they still have that Queen thing going, and we recognize their is still some envy there about the kid who kicked them out and then outgrew them.

They went through what we are going through now. Remember when Jaguar was run by the government. And, British Air? And, lots of other industries. It didn’t work, and Meg sold them back to the private sector and all got healed.

When the sun never set on the British flag, they have all that responsibility to defend that flag. Troops all over the world. A little island nation, just couldn’t afford that much responsibility. So, they got out of the business of being the world’s policeman and watched us try.

Now, we are watching as the government of the UK deals with economic chaos and politicians involved in illegal activities simultaneously. Same things we are seeing here. Except, we rarely see the illegal activities. We know they exist, we they are uncovered as in the cases of Chris Dodd, Charlie Rangel, and others, they just seem to go away. We have to wait until 2010 to vote on our opinions regarding the current economic activity. And,or, the good folks in Connecticut on Chris Dodd.

That’s not the way it will work in Jolly Old England. Every day a new politician stops by 10 Downing Street to drop off a resignation. And, soon, very soon, there will be an election in Parliament. Old Gordon will be gone, fired to screwing up the economy. And, thus, the Labour Party will be gone from power.

We may think the Brits are a little old fashioned and out of step with today’s modern times. But, if you abuse public funds in the UK, you resign. And, if you don’t do the job right as a Prime Minister, you get fired. Same for a member of Parliament.

Very soon, there will available, on line, the expenses of every member of the House and Senate. Will there be any resignations dropped off at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Some say we will see unemployment and inflation rise. Will we see President Obama replaced in 2010 if that happens?

In the real world when people are failing at their jobs, they get fired, Not in three years, but three days. In the real world if you take company money or property, the security department will escort you from the premises. Don’t you think the Brits have this one right?

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