A Mulligan with Obama

June/15/2009 9:34AM
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Mulligan is a golf term. One rarely, if ever, heard in the groups I play with regularly. It means you get a second tee shot on the first tee if you don’t like your first. But, a mulligan means you must play the second shot.

If you didn’t vote for Obama for fear that we would get what we have, you probably want a mulligan. A second vote. If you did vote for him and have buyer’s remorse, you may want a second chance. You feel that won’t happen for four years. If you voted for him and like what you are getting, just keep playing.

Here’s the mulligan. Obama has a lot of political capital invested in his GM and Chrysler deal. He broke lots of laws and ignored the Constitution to pull this off. But, the Constitution only seems relevant when Gitmo is involved. So, if GM and Chrysler fail, as it is likely they will, Obama will pay a big price. He sold out a lot of people to protect the UAW. He has a car czar who knows nothing about cars, doesn’t own one, and refused to talk to the media. He has a guy in charge who is 32 years old and probably still lives with Mom. He has an Italian company running Chrysler with no cash invested and a poor track record selling cars here. He has our tax money invested in both companies without an approval from Congress or you and I.

If both fail, it’s his watch. Can’t blame Bush for this mess.

Don’t get trapped into the idea that it’s patriotic to support Chrysler and GM. It is only in the UAW’s best interest to do that. And, Obama’s.

So cast another vote against Obama and refuse to buy a GM or Chrysler product. If everyone who voted against Obama votes again by boycotting these car companies, he has 51% of the market to sell into. It’s patriotic to buy from Ford who stayed out of this mess or a foreign car company that makes cars in the US. They will have to compete with the full force of the government. A government that will tromp on their rights to try to make this work for the Obama team. Anything will go.

So, for the next 3 1/2 years, let the government try to run these companies without your help. It’s like a second trip to the voting booth. Show your government how you feel about them getting into the private sector and messing it up badly. How you feel about the way they choose to spend your hard earned tax dollars. It’s a mulligan and another tea party.

Let the man dangle in the wind.

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