Worst States for Business Put Obama in Office

May/10/2009 19:53PM
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The CEO’s select best and worst states for growth and business. No big surprises here. The states that put President Obama in office are at the very bottom. Five worst: California(51st), New York(50th), Michigan(49th), New Jersey(48th), and Massachusetts(47th). Without these 5 states, Obama would not be president. The top 5 states: Texas(1st), North Carolina(2nd), Florida(3rd), Georgia(4th), and Tennessee(5th). Florida is the only one that went for Obama.

Is there a message here? Our President wants to make the rest of the country to be like the 5 worst states. Residents and businesses are leaving these states. Texas wants to distance itself from the Federal Government. Business is good in Texas. They don’t want to get the social disease that is killing the 5 worst states. Unemployment is the highest in these states as well. No surprise there either.

We are being put on the same road these states have been driving for years. The road will end at the same spot.

Many Americans see this coming. We are going to see an increase in states demanding their state’s rights. Texas kicked this off. Now, Montana is following that lead. The CEO’s graded all the states on three items: 1. taxation and regulation, 2. workforce quality, 3. Living Environment. Citizens leaving these states are using the same criterion for leaving.

Soon the other states will find what it’s like when entitlements exceed income. When regulations strangle businesses. When jobs go away. When special interests run the state to the detriment of the overall population. Who would want to move to Illinois? The state ranked 46th. The governor before Blagojevich is in prison and he is headed there. The entire political system is corrupt. The public interest always comes after the opportunity to line political pockets. This is the state that brokered Obama into the presidency.

How much more evidence do we need to realize we are on a path to destruction? How much more money can government extract from productive people to support the bottom 20 states? How long will the top states continue to support the dogs?

It’s all coming to a head. If Washington doesn’t stop trying to make all of us like California, there will be a movement within the healthy states to bail from the United States. They won’t take it much longer.

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