Numbers Game

May/15/2009 19:19PM
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The current administration is playing a numbers game with our grand children’s futures. Here’s how it works.

Spending priorities are not predicated on what’s best for out country. It’s based on what’s best for reelection. Trillions are being spent for brand loyalty to the Democratic Party and President Obama. It’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. The future will take care of itself or be someone else’s problem. Right now, it’s dollars for votes.

Start with the auto industry. Keep the UAW loyal and all other present and future unions. Trash everyone else. Trash the non-union retirees and workers. Trash the car dealers and their employees. Trash the investors and stockholders. Job one is the union. However, like most strategies this may backfire. The employees at car dealers who are being displaced outnumber the UAW workers at the two companies. There will be UAW workers laid off as well. That brings the total dangerously low. Almost too low to care about anymore. Plan B is to get some version of card check passed. This will increase the union base and save the day for the Democrats. It will put other companies and businesses in the same place as Chrysler and GM and raise prices at places like Walmart, but it will buy votes and campaign money. Job one.

Next is cap and trade. This will lock up the environmental vote. It will double utility costs for everyone in America, but it will give Washington a huge pile of cash to use to buy more votes. The potential problem here lies in the utility costs in states that rely on coal for power. It will also do the same in states like Texas that provide the gasoline for the country. When it’s all over the friends you made and can buy with this debacle may not equal one’s you have upset. Be careful here President Obama. You could miscount the beans and end up on the wrong side of this.

Then there’s universal health care. You will turn off the whole health care industry. All Americans who have health insurance now will find the costs go up. That’s a big number. Make sure you have books balanced again, or you may lose more than you gain. Stop all the good work the drug companies have done to develop life saving new drugs. People will die that might not have died if the drug companies were investing billions in R&D. It’s about votes stupid.
Raising taxes or most Americans who pay tax is a risk. Sure you will redistribute the wealth, but those who benefit may not realize it and those who pay will know what you did.

Prop up the states that are failing with money from the states that have managed their budgets. No problem. The states that are failing are the states that put Obama in office. The states that might put him back in office. Watch this one President Obama, the states see this coming and are making big noise.

President Obama, I believe you’ve done your homework and think you can buy more votes with these social programs than you can lose. But, numbers people always err on the high side when doing projections. They fail to count the people who voted for you and get turned off . If that is high enough it may offset what you bought. Personally, I believe it will.

I believe you will be radioactive in two years and find yourself running against your Secretary of State in the next primary. Bet your bottom dollar she has a set of numbers and how she can buy more votes than you can buy. If you make too many mistakes with your spending spree and the economy doesn’t respond, you will be very vulnerable. Vulnerable is all Hillary needs.

Maybe I’m wrong and you do have a good count. But, I’m starting to see some fallout already to your ambitious plans. A recount, like they are having in Minnesota might be in order.

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