Cash for Clunkers

May/09/2009 19:55PM
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A new bill being considered by congress would give a buyer a chit worth up to $7,500 to trade in an old gas guzzler for a new fuel efficient car. So taxpayers who have a new car, or can’t buy a fuel efficient car that meets Washington’s requirements, can’t participate. But, their tax dollars will pay the chits. Is this a lot like paying your neighbor’s mortgage?

So far your tax dollars have subsidized Chrysler to the tune of $332,000 per Chrysler employee to save the jobs for the UAW. The proposed Chrysler restructuring plan will give the UAW 45% ownership of Chrysler and one board seat. The cost to the UAW, zero. It seems like taxpayers would be better off matching the UAW campaign contributions to the Democrats and getting them to stop paying the UAW back 1000 fold for these contributions with our tax dollars. While we are at it, we could give each Chrysler employee a big check and they and we would be far better off than the $332,000 we’ve spent, and the billions more we will have to spend to try to get the public to buy cars made by the UAW and the government. Neither has any experience running a car company.

Next, it will be GM. The UAW obviously has the current administration in their pocket. Polls show the public is not favorable to unions. The public, like the investors in Chrysler who are being stiffed despite solid legal claims that put them at the front of the creditor claim line, is not first in line with Washington.

You will pay billions to save the UAW. Then, you will pay billions more to incent consumers to buy cars made by the companies run by the UAW. It’s called spreading the wealth, it’s called rewarding the people who get politicians elected, and in most parts of the world, it’s called Socialism.

All pendulums swing, and this will too. Anything taken too far, must stop. Doing things like cash for clunkers is just another step. Taking care of the UAW at any expense is going too far. Trying to force investors to take losses outside of the laws of the U.S. is going to far. Sending out weekly bulletins naming any American who believes in any cause a threat to U.S. security is going too far. A few more going too fars and the old pendulum will begin to swing. The double cross on Arlen Specter in his move to the Democratic party speaks volumes about integrity in politics. Promised by the village idiot Joe Biden that if he came over he would keep his seniority on committees, then told otherwise by Harry Reid, is going too far. Old Arlen, who will do anything to foster Arlen’s cause deserves this, but promises mean nothing to the party is power.

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