Americans Are Just Plain Dumb

May/20/2009 21:20PM
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Don’t think so, just listen to your elected officials. We are too dumb to manage our credit cards. We need lots of help from our government. We are too dumb to decide what kind of car to drive. We are going to get help. We can’t make good medical decisions, so the clerk at the post office will help us when she gets the job as health allocator.

We are so dumb that we will keep paying more and more taxes so the government can hire more people and institute more social programs and waste. We aren’t smart enough to run our banks and car companies. We are too, too stupid to know that we need to sacrifice thousands of dollars and millions of jobs to protect our environment. The government will take the money and do it for us.

The poor, poor misguided ignorant public. So much help is needed.

We don’t know that labor unions are good for this country. Even when we see what the UAW has done to GM and Chrysler and the NEA has done to education and what the government workers unions have done for California, where a fireman makes $175,000 a year, can retire at 50, and has better health benefits and 90% of the private sector when they retire. So, the government will put card check in place to unionize more workers here.

But, this week, something remarkable happened. In California 65% of the voters told the smart people to pound sand. Cut off their little cash flow. If there were a national election to fund all the new programs Obama wants, and is getting, it might be higher than 65% voting against him.

Are Americans getting smarter? Possibly.

If this trend continues and more local, state, and national politicians start getting the message in the polls and in the ballot box, you will see Obama become a piranha. The Democrats will lay it all at his feet, just as they have with Gitmo. All of this is his to own, and his party will give him full title, deed and all, if this starts going south on him.

He has misread personal popularity as political capital and they are not the same. Never look back Barack, Hillary may be gaining on you.

What if all of the new programs Obama has passed are as ill conceived as Gitmo? What if they don’t work and things get worse? What if more and more Americans feel they don’t need help from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, dumb enough to say the CIA often lies to Congress. The first warning shot went across the bow for Obama with the Gitmo turn down. If he tries to bail out California, it’s all over for Obama. Every other state in the country will turn on him and his party will desert him like a bad smell. The big party will be over and there will be a long three and a half years to turn out the lights. Two years of that with a Republican congress.

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