May/05/2009 16:15PM
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I’m betting none of you know there is an organization to offset the ACLU. Conservative causes have been demolished for years by the ACLU. The ACLU now has the President of the U.S. and a congress to help with their work.

For the life of me, I have wondered why there was no organization in place to counter the ACLU and their barrage of lawsuits that would take us to a socialized state and destroy our constitution.

This organization, the American Center for Law and Justice is designed to do just that. They have filed papers to get documents to show what Nancy Pelosi knew about water boarding. If they refuse to release those documents, the ACLJ will file suit in district court to have them released.

This organization can do more for us than letters to deaf politicians will ever do. If you are inclined to make contributions to someone who will do something positive to stop the trend underway in Washington today, this is the place to spend that money.

There are lots of organizations that solicit money to foster conservative causes today. Most, I think operate like the government. The money gets chewed up in the organization and nothing happens. Newt Gingrich’s organization is one. They were very proactive in getting the petitions on Drill Here, Drill Now to Washington. They got Obama to reverse his campaign stance on that. But, now nothing is happening. The organization seems to be trying to take your money to foster Newt’s political ambitions, not stop Obama’s ambitions.

I have high hopes that the ACLJ, through the courts, can be as effective in supporting conservative causes as the ACLU has been in getting concessions and attention for the far left.

Go to the ACLJ web site and see for yourself.

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