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April/30/2009 20:46PM
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Move over Oprah, Letterman, O’Reilly, Leno, and all you who have daily TV shows. There’s a new man on the street. President Obama will be appearing daily until further notice. Yesterday it was the celebration of 100 days “Press Conference”. It’s called a press conference. If always fielding 13 questions, picking who asks the questions, spending several minutes not answering the 13 questions, and having such tough questions like: “what has enchanted you about the first 100 days in office”, is a press conference, then it was a press conference. By the way, the enchanted question came from none other than the soon to be defunct New York Times.

So the slobbering media, to quote Bernie Goldberg, serves up the softballs, and the new president doesn’t answer soft questions and gets a pass. New era press conference.

Today the president will address Chrysler. Guess he will explain why he didn’t just take them over and show them how a real executive would run them. Or, he will tell us how he will save them. Even if they are not going to be saved, it will seem like they are. There will be a lot of “I” in his speech. I met with, I told, I outlined, I required, I decided. There will be big promises about green cars, and a rosy future for Chrysler. Nothing about the hundreds of dealerships closed, hundreds of workers laid off, or any negatives.

Friday, it will be the formerly named Swine Flu. He will tell us how he saved the world.

Saturday, it will be some show where he will be talking about the dog, Bo.

Sunday, Meet the Press.

And, on it goes.

Overexposure means too much. We are getting too much Obama. He is saying too much, trying to do too much, and promising too much. All of this is on camera with teleprompters.

At some point all of this will come back to haunt the president.

An unfortunate terrorist attack on this country, for example, and all the comments about everything the previous administration was doing to prevent this will be played back.

Failures of programs with big promises will be played back.

This is not a campaign. This is the business of running this country. One thing a business executive learns early on is to under promise and over deliver. This president has not learned this. He will and soon.

An old boss of mine taught me years ago: if you blow your own horn too much someone will turn it into a funnel.

President Obama when it becomes a funnel, you will wish you were only being water boarded. Old friends will be using fire hoses.

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  1. Mac says:


    Let me be the first — on-line anyway — to congratulate you on your new website and segacity in choosing the name (won’t mentioned I voted for it!). Your wisdom and wit, in that order, are a welcome break for those of us who haven’t “graduated” to retirement quite yet.

    All the best, and keep ’em coming!

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