Obama, You’re Not My Momma

April/09/2009 1:07AM
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I am witnessing the greatest intrusion into personal liberty since the American Revolution. The current administration wants to run my life from dawn to dusk. 

The government ,which has failed at running anything, now wants me to believe they can run everything. The same government that caused the world-wide financial crisis will fix it and fix everything else that is broken at the same time. 

The same president who goes around the world telling foreigners he is sorry America is such a bad country will fix our problems. I have always thought America was the greatest country in the world. The same nuclear bombs that sent my Dad home from the Pacific campaign early and safe are now a big mistake. Words mean a lot and a little both at the same time. President Obama is a master at words. The Korean missile launch problem will be addressed by the United Nations. Sure, in my lifetime. 

To me the biggest job my government has is to keep us safe. This president sees that as a footnote. He will not protect the borders, and uses new language to define the war on terror and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Useless pandering to Muslims. Signs of weakness. He wants to dismantle our defense systems. He wants to cut the defense budget to the bone. Not in his job description.

But, he wants to run every other aspect of my life and use my tax dollars to do it. I didn’t hire him to do all that. With his limited experience, I wouldn’t hire him to deliver my Wall Street Journal. 

A combination of arrogance and naive inexperience is very, very dangerous. A blank check from a partisan congress is every more dangerous.

New York state is trying to keep the nanny state alive. Already, the ultra rich who pay 50% of the taxes in New York City are talking of moving, Donald Trump being the latest. Why not move to Florida where there is no state income tax?

Obama uses a Turkish venue to tell the Turks that he will attack global warming. He knows it will raise the cost of energy to the public, but he will do it anyway. Is he now campaigning for president of Turkey? With all their problems, where do you think the Turks rate global warming?

Jimmy Carter was a great one with words. Still is. As the worst president in my lifetime, he never learned that actions speak louder than words. Blah, blah, blah, and the prisoners from the Iranian Embassy stayed prisoners. Blah, blah, blah, and he made the energy crisis and the economy worse. Blah, blah, blah got him one term. He has conveniently put all that aside and still goes around the world where there are problems and does his blah, blah, blah thing and generally makes it worse. 

If we don’t all get motivated and take action we will be so deep in the world of socialism we will never recover. The Republican Party is mute. They will be no help. The leadership void is obvious. 

If millions turn out for the planned 4-15-09 Tea Parties it will be a non-event for the media. They will cover Michele Obama’s new Easter dress. 

There are 52,000,000 of us who voted for someone other than Obama and we have no voice at present. We need to get organized. Some like Newt Gingrich are trying. But, it will take more. More media news options for non-Obamists. More protests like the Tea Party. More threats to democratic congressmen who are up for election in 2110 that they won’t be re elected if they keep voting for the Nanny State. 

More letter to editors. More discussions with like-minded friends to get active. More noise to drown out the words of Obama. The Big Hat, No Cattle President needs to shut up. He needs to tone it down. He needs to stop campaigning. He needs to go to work. Not on making us Cuba, but to remake us America. 

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Comments (2)

  1. John says:

    I’ll be candid, I didn’t read your entire post, but I have the feeling the you were under a rock during the Bush presidency.

    How was the 8+ years of hibernation like? You full of energy now?
    You people who think you can ignore all the Bush mistakes are pathetic. Go live in N.Korea. I heard they love nut jobes like you.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    I’ll be civil. I don’t believe Bush was a good president. But, I am not addressing the past, I’m addressing the present. I don’t want to live under a socialistic government. I don’t believe Obama ran on that platform. He had the history, but hid it very well durning the campaign.

    That’s basically dishonest. I object that. My opinion.


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