Another Government Takeover Coming

April/13/2009 0:54AM
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Not content with running the banks and the auto industry, the government is quietly planning yet another power grab, no pun intended. Legislation sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,  is sailing through Congress. It would put government control over all the new power lines planned to accommodate all the solar and wind power planned for the next several years. FERC commissioners would “consult” with local agencies regarding the placement of the new lines. 

Thousands of new windmills offshore and on land will create new clean sources of power. Thousands of solar panels will do the same. New transmission lines will be needed to carry this power to the grid. There will be dispute after dispute from local officials and environmentalists about the lines. This has already started everywhere. Lawsuits for every effort. Local officials tend to deal with the issues on a timely basis. The Feds, on the other hand, are in bed with the environmentalists. They will take far more time to get the ball rolling. 

Where does it stop?

We have lost all common sense in this country. This may be the biggest issue this country has to deal with in the future.

Common sense says we should tap all sources of power at our disposal. Wind is still less than 1% after years of effort and billions of dollars. Solar is ever less than that. Nuclear is waning as more plants close. Other countries are getting about the task of building new nuclear power plants. Common sense says we should be doing the same. New regulations and technology virtually eliminate the dangers. Plants have set up safe systems to store spent fuel. There is no common sense reason not to move forward on this. But, we don’t.

Common sense says moving too fast on global warming will have a negative effect on our damaged economy. But, we will. China will not participate. They will buy our coal and offset whatever gains we make a hundred fold. 

Common sense says we should do offshore drilling. There have been no significant spills in years. It would create jobs and revenue for the government to use in our spending binge. But, we won’t do it.

Common sense says we should drill in Alaska. The area where drilling would occur is frozen tundra. But, we won’t.

Common sense says the government should fast track these efforts. But, they won’t. No one can dawdle like the Feds. 

Common sense says government must curtail spending at every level. But, in states like New York, California, New Jersey, and Michigan, government spending is going up and taxes will be raised to offset the spending. No spending cuts. Spending cuts mean protests. Protests are bad for reelection. No common sense. 

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