Take in a Tea Party Near You

March/10/2009 23:03PM
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Finally, it’s starting. The silent majority has had it. For the first times in our lives we are protesting. Taking to the streets. It’s getting organized slowly. Mostly through the Internet.

There have been tea party protests in Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, St. Louis, Greenville, S.C., New York, and Washington D.C People show up with signs like” Your mortgage is not my problem”, “Liberty”, “All the stimulus we need”, “No taxation without deliberation.” An estimated 30,000 turned out on 2-17-09 in 40 cities. No much from the media. Surprise.

Go to www.taxdayteaparty.com to get the schedule for one near you. Take the time to go. The more of us who do, the more we can keep it growing. 

In college, like many of you, I managed to struggle through Atlas Shrugged. Remember John Galt. He took on the government of revenue. Sales of the book are up. Lot’s of signs refer to Galt.

The endangered middle class is pissed. We aren’t going to go socialist without a fight. The fight is just starting. I hope tea parties keep growing in numbers and in size. 

Truly, this is the first ray of hope I have seen since this fiasco began. The media won’t cover the tea parties until they get so big they can’t ignore them. They attack the media darling in the White House and all he and they love. 

Can you imagine what this can lead to if enough of us get involved? None of us have ever protested anything in our lives. We have gone with the flow. Ain’t going with the  flow thats flowing now. We aren’t going to stand by and watch this country dismantled by a group of dreamers.

Get on line and get your sign painted and break out the sneakers. It’s time to march. Like MLK, I’m having a dream of my own. In my dream there is no Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, Durbin, Obama, Dodd, or Conyers in any elected office in America. I know many of you share that dream, I hear you say it all the time. Quit dreaming and make it happen.

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