President Obama Requests an Alternative Recovery Plan

March/25/2009 23:40PM
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President Obama says no one has offered a better plan to get the economy back on track.

Well, President Obama, here’s one.

Lease every acre of offshore drilling land and any in Alaska that is expected to be productive. That should bring in a quick trillion and only the environments freaks will be upset. It will also put thousands of American to work producing the platforms, pipelines, and the oil. High paying jobs. Union jobs.  The ongoing royalties will be a boon to future generations of Americans. It will help bring our oil costs down in the future and save working families money.

Sell Amtrak the Post Office and every other business the government has it’s dirty little hand in. Use the money to bankroll speed trains by private industry that will transport people all over the country in record time. It will put thousands of Americans to work building the tracks to support the new system.

Bankroll 50 new nuclear plants in the US. You can do that for less than TARP. At 10 billion a pop, it’ s only a mere $500 billion. Fast track the permits. It will put thousands of Americans to work building the plants for the next 5 years. 

Increase the government budget 10 fold that determines the number of new doctors since it finances the internships. Do the same for dentists. Tell the AMA and the ADA that their days of controlling the supply of doctors and dentists is over. No health care plan will work without the professionals to handle more demand. All health care insurance will be for claims over $500. All other health care will be out of pocket. Just like beer and cigarettes. 

The country will declare the equivalent of war on energy. Any new energy effort will be approved with a 30 day permit process and no nuisance lawsuits will be tolerated. This will get solar and wind off the ground. This will put thousands of Americans to work. Not professors in labs doing nothing like Obama’s plan, but real workers putting up real panels, windmills, and power lines.

Approve shale extraction. It will put thousands of Americans to work. Accept clean coal as we have it now as clean enough. It will put thousands of Americans to work building new coal fired power plants. 

Eliminate the ethanol subsidy. Use the billions we spend to cut taxes. 

Do the work on the infrastructure in America. Not the token work in the current plan, but a complete overhaul. The power grid, the highway system, the rail system, etc. Since we will truly be energy independent, we can invest in this.

Kick the UN out of America.

Stop giving one dime to any foreign country. Stop all work on NASA. 

Help GM, Ford, and Chrysler stay afloat until we can supply the energy at a cost level that will keep them profitable. NGL and electric cars. Build the pipeline from Alaska, it will put thousands of American to work and get us our natural gas from a home state.

No state or local government will get one dime from Washington. If you have a problem. Fix it. 

This plan creates real jobs and real solutions to real energy and fiscal problems. Creating jobs in health care, education, and energy as defined by Obama is bogus. They will be largely wastes of taxpayer dollars and unproductive.

This plan will create blue collar jobs, rejuvenate American manufacturing, stimulate spending, create revenue for the government, and cut taxes and get us back on our feet.

California will be broke so all environmentalists can move there if they don’t like this plan. They can live in tents and caves and truly practice what they preach. Gore first.

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Comments (4)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    This is a great plan. They will never do it as they want the American people to be dependent on the government, how else can they stary in power and rip us all of. One other thing I would add is to increase the border patrol and put in a real ID system for all immigrants. Another good idea would be increase our National Guard, and put them on our borders.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Amen, Brother Pietsch.

    Bill Robertson

  3. Tom Reynolds says:

    Print this option and forward to every politition in government. I will bet you that you do not hear from one of them. Period. That would be a good exercise, Copy O’reilly, Campbell Brown, Glen Beck, and every other personality you can think of. Good luck.

  4. GvB says:

    I think your are 80% on target.
    1. I cannot agree to sell the Post Office; no one would want it. Instead,let other companies use our mailboxes and see who survives.
    2. Why continue to support US auto makers who got themselves into the mess they are in and have not a clue on how to get out of it. Let them go Chapter 11 or 7 or 13.
    3. As far as shale oil goes, I think most of it is in Canada, not the Rockies. It would help the Canadian employment picture, but produce an item not supported by current pricing of oil. Are you recommending we tax all imports of crude oil enough to make it practical and use the money to minimize the deficit.
    Finally, I really think you should run for the Seante in the next elelction. It would accomplish your ability to have a sounding board and raise the ratings for C-SPAN from zero to a level higher than the networks!

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