President Obama is Duplicitous

March/25/2009 2:00AM
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Once again in his press conference President Obama demonstrates he is not capable of being honest with the public. He wants to say the words and have them accepted regardless of truth or logic. This is the epitome of arrogance. If he keeps doing this, the public will quit listening.

Examples. He says he will reduce costs through his health care plan. His own budget has billions of increases for putting uninsured on the insurance rolls. He says cap and trade will not cost the average American. He knows full well the price polluters pay for credits will be passed on to the consumer in gasoline, heating and power costs. He says he will get the economy back on track with health care, education, and clean energy. If you believe manufacturing and consumer spending don’t have any role in economic recovery, you are his kind of guy or gal. He can’t possibly believe this, he just wants to cloak his social programs in economic terms.

He knows his tax change for charitable deductions will reduce contributions. He says no.

He knows his lowest budget for defense in modern history will put us at risk and won’t be covered by procurement improvement. 

He knows he is putting the futures of our children and grand kids at risk with this uncontrolled spending. He is putting his ideology before that problem. He knows his window to put all the social programs forth is limited. He puts that before all else. He knows he is doubling the budget deficit that he criticized Bush for doing but he sluffs it off.

He credits Geithner for a plan. Much has to be determined whether is is a plan.

Campaign promises, break them. Honest answers obfuscate them. Truthfulness, not necessary. Credibility, I’m owed that. The future, just need eight years. 

So now you have it. You are going to get card check, cap and trade, record spending and deficits, universal health care and rationing of health care, entitlements for everyone, income redistribution, and all the other Ted Kennedy ideas all at once crammed down your throat and lied to while it happens.

Pelosi is starting to look good to me.

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Today is the 25th. Your President spoke on the 24th. PS. You are still right what ever date you use.

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