Liberal Media Dropping Like Flies

March/01/2009 1:43AM
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For months this blog has predicted the demise of the liberal media. People who want the news unspun are tuning out in droves. The San Francisco Chronicle is next. If you can’t sell liberal drivel in San Francisco, where will it sell? Guess not in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis, or even Denver. Not even nationally with MSNBC who’s rating are dropping off the table. Just how dumb is the media?

Pretty dumb. When 95% of the employees believe their job is to sell ideology, it’s incurable. Until someone at the very top of the house says enough, it will continue. Suicide by stupidity. Can’t go back to reporting the news, must shape the news. Local news is suffering too. They are bent on being like the big guys. They are, their ratings are down too.

The liberals say it’s the recession and the Internet. Really, why is Fox News doing so well? Soon they will have 50% of the market. I think they try hard to be fair. They just look so conservative because the others look so liberal.

As an old marketing guy, I can tell you most will go broke. Too many suppliers fighting over a market that is at best 50% of the total market. The public is on to them. They can’t just expect people to take the spin and like it.

The country knows the liberal media took out Hillary Clinton. She wasn’t liberal enough. They got Obama elected. If he fails, they fail faster. Forgiveness will not be forthcoming. Changing a brand is very hard to do. They are all branded LIBERAL. They will live and die with that brand. Chris Matthews apologized to Bobby Jindal for the “Oh God” comment on a live mike when Governor Jindal was walking to the mike to make the Republican response to the Obama speech to Congress. The same Chris Matthews who got the shiver up his leg listening to Obama.

Non-liberals are demanding and getting choices to read and watch besides all the mainstream media. Smart businessmen will provide it. That competition will be the end for the weakened liberal media.

It’s like an incurable disease that top management can’t fix. Jeffery Immelt must be an idiot. GE is tanking. NBC is tanking. He doesn’t seem to be able to reinvent NBC. Seems like a doable task to me. Just fire all the liberal managers and employees and restock with unbiased managers and journalists. Drop the entertainment that seems to send a message rather than entertain. Jack Welch would have done it already.

Someone will do it. Watching your business die because you can’t get past letting employees try to broadcast ideology tends to make people work on a new strategy. Sam Zell bought the Chicago Tribune and he is a pretty savvy guy. I’m guessing Sam is a flaming liberal. He couldn’t face the idea of not presenting ideas he agrees with. Hence, bankruptcy.

The pace of this movement is picking up. It should be fun to watch in the next few months. If Obama tries to bail these cats out, he will be going down with them.

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