Immigration Program in U.S. is an Embarrassment

March/03/2009 3:04AM
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Sleeping well these days? Read: Immigration Chaos by Nevelle W. Cramer. He spent 26 years in the Immigration and Naturalization Service. I’m sure he both over and under states things like most former employees are prone to do. What he describes is an organization that is totally incompetent from top to bottom. The bigger the budget, and it’s gotten very big, the more agents they hire, the more illegals come into this country. According to Mr. Cramer it got worse when Homeland Security took over.

Janet Napolitano is the new head of Homeland Security. She made headlines last week when she failed to utter the words terrorist or terrorism once in her opening remarks to the confirmation committee. She’s a piece of work. On July 2,2007, as governor of Arizona , she signed into law House Bill 2779.  This requires all employers to verify through Homeland Security the immigration status and Social Security numbers of all employees. You see, the voters in Arizona are tired of illegal immigrants. Tired of the crime, the expense, the jobs being taken from out of work citizens. They wanted action. There are no less than 10 bills pending in the Arizona statehouse on illegal immigration. One says if you pick up an illegal to do work for you in a public place, your vehicle will be impounded. Any illegal on private or public lands is deemed to be guilty of trespass, says another. To be imprisoned for no less than the maximum sentence. Arizona politicians read the tea leaves. Voters want action. They aren’t going to get it from Washington, so they want it here. 

While governor, Napoliano “got it.” She signed all the bills that were meant to get control of the illegal alien situation in Arizona. But, just as Cramer describes the INS, she wanted to appease the people, but not enforce the laws.

Too bad, Janet, your Sheriff doesn’t operate that way. You pass the laws, Sheriff Joe Apraio enforces them. To the letter of the law. He has been raiding employers suspected of violating Janet’s bill 2779. Including the City of Mesa which had undocumented illegals handling the janitorial work at the Mesa Public Library. So Joe does the people’s work. He has an 85% approval rating. Janet tried to get  him to stop enforcing the law so vigorously. Human rights you know. Joe said he doesn’t work for the governor. He works for the people. You, Janet, don’t want me enforcing the law, change the law.

So Janet goes off to Washington to keep us all safe and fix the border problems. One of her first acts is to sic the Feds on Joe. Guess she thinks Joe will work for her now. The law 287(g) gives local law enforcement the legal right to enforce immigration law. According to Cramer, INS isn’t doing it, so it’s probably a good idea. She asked congress to look into the possibility that Sheriff Joe is violating human rights by racial profiling. All of this brought the protesters to Arizona. The Arizona Republic, which will soon go the way of the New York Times, headline says: “Thousands walk at Arpaio protest.” That much is true. She wants 287(g) erased.

Only one TV station added:” thousands walked ,but our reporter felt more were for Joe than against him.” Clever little oversight by the Republic. The paper did acknowledge that protesters were from all over the  country. That makes sense, since Arizona has spoken and spoken, time and time again. They want tough laws and they want them enforced. 

But Washington is now speaking. The director of Homeland Security has a priority. It’s to have the most incompetent agency in Washington do the local enforcement because the local enforcer is doing it too well. She wants him to be as incompetent as she is. She, who is to protect our porous borders, stop the $24 billion in wages exported to Mexico last year, protect much needed jobs here for American workers, and keep us from, God forbid, another terrorist attack, this lady is not going to do any of that. She is going to protect human rights, first and foremost. Isn’t that the role of the ACLU?

Soft on border protection, soft on crime, believing terrorism isn’t part of her job description, incompetent, and not real smart. That’s the person I want running Homeland Security. Can’t Sheriff Joe have that job?

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    My son and I worked with the INS. They are the most unorganized and have not leadership or absoultly no consistants. They ought to get rid of them and start over. It is terrible. My question is how much to the field people make under the table???????

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