Engineering Socialism in America

March/20/2009 3:22AM
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To transition to total socialism certain strategies must be created and implemented. 

First, because America won’t buy socialism by it’s given name, a substitute must be offered. In the 30’s that was the Great Depression. All the social programs and government growth was to fix the economy. World War II created another opportunity to advance the cause. Now, it’s Global Warming and the Environment. Carol Browner is just the person to help that along. She was a card carrying member of an International Socialist movement. 

It helps to have the media in your pocket so they can spin the ideas into something more positive. 

One by one you must destroy the threats to becoming a socialist nation. Business is the biggest threat. Make the CEO’s of all corporations bad guys. That translates into big business is bad. Big government is good. They take on big business and win. 

Wealthy people with resources can cause trouble. Tax them. Take back some discretionary wealth. Makes it harder to use it to promote capitalism. 

Dangle the carrots of a better life before the masses. Make it sound like there is no down side. Health care, housing, government jobs, no taxes, free education through college, everything a person needs can be provided by a government eager to help.

Find a clueless dynamic leader who will push the buttons and let others push his buttons. Someone who has a long history of supporting socialist causes. 

Keep the wounded opposition down. And, if possible, take them off the air. (free choice bill)

Tax through environmental causes to provide more money and power to government(cap and trade)

Strengthen the unions. (card check)

Reward the supporters and punish the detractors. Look where the stimulus money is being spent. Democratic areas get the rewards. 

Now you have it. Central Control. You have defeated all comers. Business is beaten into submission. And, taxed into destruction. The business of America is government, plain and simple. Everything revolves around central control. 

The government decides who gets jobs, who gets health care, who gets to pay no taxes, who keeps what they have and who gives it up to the government.

If you don’t think this is happening you aren’t paying attention. Every day more Americans wake up and smell the coffee. Anger is building and it’s building toward Washington. The clowns who are trying to take our country from us are not going to get it done without protest. 

It’s sleazy and getting worse. The idea put forth this week that Veterans who need medical treatment from war wounds must have their personal health insurance pay first, not the government, is sleaze at it’s best. Every veteran in America who know about this is incensed. It’s another slap at their sacrifices by an ungrateful President. This is the kind of stuff that will grow into an ugliness that none of us want to see.

Get up and make your disgust known about this kind of stupidity. 

Meanwhile Obama goes on a fawning Leno show. That’s a tough interview. Leno is still doing Bush jokes. Good luck with that prime time show, Jay.

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  1. Chris Johnson says:

    With all the propoganda you are putting out into the blogosphere about impending socialism and calling Obama a socialist, I thought you might want to get the perspective of an ACTUAL socialist.

    This article was written by the editor of the Socialist Party USA’s magazine. In it he calls the hysterical tone of this silly debate "farcical McCarthyism". Among other things, he says "Obama’ not even a true liberal, let alone a socialist."

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