Top Ten List for Omama’s First Month in Office

February/24/2009 2:52AM
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Here’s the top ten list for the new President’s first month in office.


10. He has shown he, too,  thinks Biden is an idiot


9. He took Janet Napolitano out of Arizona to run Homeland Security before she bankrupted the state


8. You made a place for Roland Burris, a replacement who actually goes to work on the senate floor once in a while instead of 6 years of campaigning. Now Illinois has two senators, well, two bodies.


7. You took delegation to a whole new level. A president doesn’t have to bother inputting or reading a silly $800 billion bill.

6.You redefined pork. If it’s not an earmark, it’s not pork. Spending millions to save a mouse is neither an earmark nor pork. 

5. Bipartisanship means going down and shaking hands with the other party. (new definition)


4. Announcements trump plans. You can announce you are closing Gitmo without a clue as to how you are going to do that.

3. Meeting with you is enough for the families of the USS Cole to make them understand why you are turning the killer of their families loose. ( Messiah ship)

2. You taught all of America it’s OK not to pay your mortgage.

1. The best thing you have done since you became our national leader…….Read down


You collected…….


Over $200 thousand in back taxes…..


From the deadbeats you either put in your cabinet or tried to put in your cabinet. Keep that up Mr. President. And, there’s a bonus call it 1(A)

You took Michelle to Washington with you saving the University of Chicago hospital over $300 thousand a year in her salary. Her job is not being filled, since no one else can get the earmarks she got from you when she was on the job. Thanks, it’s one of my favorite charities.  

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