Pelosi Wants to Revoke Bush Tax Cuts

February/22/2009 2:38AM
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Go ahead Pelosi and Obama revoke the Bush tax cuts. No one has any capital gains anymore so that won’t make a difference. This will just be another step to assure all of us that we in headed into galloping socialism. Pay no heed to what you have already done to your home state Ms. Pelosi. Learn nothing from the mistakes made there. President Obama follow her lead, most of us already sense you are but a titular leader. We see Pelosi, Reid, and Emmanuel are running the country, you are just the front man. Wind you up and let you make the speeches and take the blame for future failures. 

If you were watching California you would know there isn’t enough money to support socialism. Everyone wants everything but no one is willing to pay for anything. You pissed off 50,000,000 American households this week. There are probably a minimum of two voters per household, so that’s a minimum of 100,000,000 voters who are unhappy. They felt pretty upset that they were paying their mortgages and you want them to pay for the 5,000,000 who aren’t.  California couldn’t face the hard choices to cut expenses that have gone up 40% in 4 years, they decided to raise taxes. By one vote they decided against off shore drilling which would have brought in $30 billion minimum to the state.  The people who are paying taxes will continue to leave in droves. The illegal immigrants who are benefactors of the California socialistic world, will come in droves. Get the picture? You raise taxes on the productive and they find another place to live and work. Give more and more to the unproductive and they will be even more unproductive and grateful. They will ask for more and more.

California may still file bankruptcy. Keep doing what you are doing and America will be a third world nation.

President Obama you have to so very proud of your home state of Illinois. It’s the epitome of good government. You did a nice job there when you were senator. Nice people you hung around with too. I was so happy to see you lay down the law to the nation’s mayors on the Spending Bill. No breaking rules or “I will call you out”.  I’ll bet not one will break the rules. Shaking in their shoes.

We have all us focused on the economy. The economy is broken, we say. Hogwash. The economy is not broken beyond repair, the political system in America is broken. 

Right now Americans are fearful. But, not for long. Soon they will become angry. Look around you, Mr. President, you are surrounded by fools. You had better find good people to take counsel from. Many of those there now won’t be there in 2 years. There is going to be an election equivalent of the Boston Tea Party. Every slime ball in congress up for reelection is going to be dumped. A whole new team for you to work with in your last two years in office. The American public wants term limits and they will get them whether you give that to them or not. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

You will regret the advice you will get and take from the likes of Pelosi. She will take you down with her.   

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