My New Savings Plan

February/20/2009 19:00PM
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If you don’t have a safe deposit box, get one. If your children don’t have a savings deposit box, have them get one. Every week go to that box and put 7 Franklins in that box. If you are gifting your children the maximum of $12,000 a year, change how you do that. Don’t write that check on January 1 st of every year. Give them 7 Franklins a week to put in that box for the first 16 weeks of the year.

Why? There is a very good chance banks will continue to fail. There is a very good chance the whole system could lock up. Investment loss in this cash is minimal. Loss on investments of this money is probable.

Why not gold. You can’t eat gold. Hoarding cash is a very good idea for the near term future. You can tap it to buy necessities. Laugh if you will, but think about it. We are heading for very bad times.

I gift my grand kids every year. This year those gifts will also be in cash. They will be accounted for just as the monies that went into their investment accounts were.

What about inflation? If and when it comes you may need to reconsider this strategy.

Is this radical survivalist rationale? Perhaps. But, if makes more sense to me than filling your basement with food. 

Are things going to get this bad? I don’t know. I wasn’t sure the market was going to pot last year, but by getting out early, I made a good decision. 

If this doesn’t make sense to you, don’t do it. If it does, do it all the way or as far as you feel comfortable doing what I plan to do. 

Why do you buy insurance? Something may happen you can’t afford ,or need to hedge covering on your own. 

This is my version of insurance. Some are buying guns. Bullets are in short supply in America right now.

How much cash do you carry at any time? Remember the Savings and Loan crisis. People on the steps of the Savings and Loan where their money was housed but the place was closed. What if your bank closes? I’m not suggesting you put everything you have in cash. Just start a program to hedge, just like insurance. Do it over time. If times change, stop. If it gets worse, step it up.   

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