Harry Reid Drops in a $8 Billion Railroad To Vegas

February/14/2009 3:18AM
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No earmarks, nor pork. President Obama looks right into the camera and tells all of America that’s a fact. Yesterday, at the 11th hour, Senator Harry Reid drops in $8 billion to build a railroad from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Harry Reid, the senator from Nevada. Will President Obama force Reid to pull this out to keep his word to us? No.

The Stimulus Program shows that everyone in congress and the president are all campaigning every day. Every decision they make is first to get them reelected. President Obama’s trips this week were campaign stops. It’s time to govern,not campaign. It’s 10:24 PM in Washington on Thursday night, the vote is 8AM Friday morning and no one has seen the bill.

We, the people, must demand term limits. We must stop the eternal campaign. We must put people in office who do what we put them there to do, not what they think they have to do to impress the people back home. It’s the biggest step we can take to regain control of Washinton. Number one priority.

It’s a circus. The ring leader is not cracking the whip. The elephants are running loose and trampling our grand kids. 

We have to stop this. I’m not talking democrats or republicans, I’m including the whole lot of them. We have no confidence in any of them. Polls show that. We’re getting change, but not the kind of change we hoped to get.

I’m writing Newt Gingrich and demanding a petition like the one he started on Drill Here, Drill Now. A petition that got Obama’s attention and a promise. Ken Salazar is working to break that promise.

We need ads in papers and a National movement to demand term limits. It’s our last chance.

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Comments (2)

  1. Navbob says:

    Reid = Nevada – – – – – Pelosi = California !!!! That’s the whole story.

  2. Joe Beatty says:

    The Pelosi-Reid $8 billion super train will run not just from California to Las Vegas, more specifically from Disneyland to Las Vegas. I suspect within Disneyland at Fantasyland. Lets see what could we do with $8 Billion dollars?

    My vote would be to clean-up violent crime. You say it is a fantasy to clean-up violence for only $8 billion ? Well, the most recent FBI report on violence in the USA says that 80% of the violence in the USA is committed by 1 million bad guys in gangs, most illegal alien such as MI 13. I was taught that half of solving any problem is actually identifying the problem. Seems the FBI has pretty well identified the violence problem.

    My solution would be to put a bounty on the 1 million bad guys. But, that would violate their civil rights and due process…no, no, I would not violate their civil rights which are an individual right. The bounty would be paid when a cell or gang is taken out of operation and the bad guys are deported, reincarcerated, or indicted.

    Doing the math the Pelosi-Reid $8 billion divided by 1 million bad guys is $8,000 each. Some would say $8,000 is not enough to catch a bad guy gang member; maybe not enough for the police and prosecutors, but I would be more efficient and privatize the investigation of the violent gangs. The police and prosecutors are busy anyway…right?

    An operative word is gang, meaning more than one, probably 10 or more; let me use 10 for easy math and business modeling. Therefore, our business market is 10 bad guys @ $8,000 each or a total of $80,000. Yes. I said business, we all know if you want people to accomplish a task they have to have a financial incentive, personal incentive, objective and a plan. That is a business.

    There is a great under utilized resource in the USA which is retired people and unemployed younger people. There are many retired police, shopkeepers, military, teachers, accountants, lawyers, and clerical workers. Most are bored and wanting to serve their community but just do not know what to do. For many, the bright spot in their day is investigating where to get the best senior citizen discount on the lunch early bird special.

    The younger unemployed people also want to do something for their community, but probably lack experience, do not have a team or family to help them create life experiences (many join the gangs because of this), no demonstrated skills but probably have an interest in computers, photography, etc. We do know three things about them…they all have watched too much TV, have cell phones, and need money.

    So, now we have identified the problem of 1 million bad guys in gangs creating 80% of the violent crime in America. We have identified $8 billion of funding to create the financial incentive. We have two broad groups of talented people with personal incentive, experience and skills within their community to investigate and identify the bad guys. But, how do we ever get this group of people organized within their community to investigate and identify the gang members to present a package to get these people indicted or deported?

    We need a community organizer? Perhaps we do not need a community organizer because we have talented people, but we do need an organization and some seed money to start our business. Where do we get some money to start our violent gang monitoring, investigation and identification business?

    We get ALCORN money! There is $5 billion in the stimulus package for community development. What is a better community development than to rid our community of violent gang members?

    Lets do math again, if we have $5 billion and give a start up grant of $10,000 we can have 500,000 new gang monitoring business. But, that is too many because at most we only need 100,000 gang monitoring businesses, remember we are assuming 10 members in each gang cell core. We just need, at most, $1 billion 20% of the ALCORN money to seed the gang monitoring businesses over the USA.

    Where do we want to organize our first gang monitoring business? In Detroit to monitor and document the activities and identities of a gang in a city center neighborhood. The business unit team will be Bobby Brown (retired gas station operator and Viet Nam draftee), Aunt Beth (retired postal worker that knows everyone), Sammy Jones (retired policeman that can understand the rap sheets at the courthouse), Rufus Long (Marine lost his legs in Iraq but can sit in his wheel chair and watch the street from the Methodist Church), Mary Brown (lost her sight in a drive by shooting but she can log in cell phone reports of the gangs activities on her brail laptop), Billy Parker (going to law school at night, sister was raped by maybe some of these bad guys), and Wilson twins (couple of high school computer geeks that can set-up the video cameras, digital voice recognition software, etc. and help Billy prepare report for ICE and parole board).

    The business plan will be to monitor and document the individual gang member’s illegal activities. Identify gang members and prepared background and prior convections. Target the 10 most easily documented gang members that will have weapons, drug, and parole violations. Report with full videos, voice printing, and pictures to ICE and parole board to get 10 quick arrest for reincarceration and deportation of the Illegal aliens with priors. This will generate $80,000 (10 x $8,000) in less than six months for a quick distribution to the eight team members.

    The business will be called the Twelfth and Bethune Community Development Project.

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