Global Warming is Cooling

February/19/2009 23:04PM
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Raise your hands. How many of you bought into this consensus science idea raised to a new level by the renowned scientist, inventor of the Internet, Al Gore? Old Big Carbon Footprint himself. Got an Oscar, a Nobel Prize and $200 million in his bank account for selling this science. His cost to you is far, far bigger than the damage Madeoff did and it’s still mounting. If Obama and Chu have their ways it could be a trillion before it’s over. Now, those of you with your hands up, why would you trust a politician? Or, the media. Or, the nutty over the top environmentalists? Or, Hollywood? Or, a university professor?(Chu)

Recently, sanity has begun to hit. First, the economy and unemployment have taken people’s minds off stupid ideas. Many of the strong supporters of global warming are trying to find a job right now. In a recent poll it was 20th of 20 issues on the public rankings. This will not deter Obama and Chu. This, along with card check, the stimulus bill, and Clear Choice–taking conservative talk radio off the air, will be the end of the era of hope as defined by Obama. 

George Will in a recent editorial pointed out that we have forgotten the global cooling of the 70’s. The NY Times in an article printed 5-21-1975 warned that we are facing a return to another ice age. A full-blown 10,000 year ice age causing glaciation. In 1971 Global Ecology said a new ice age must stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery. 

Now, those of you with your hands up, please read this carefully. The university of Illinois’s Arctic Climate Research Center which reported the sea-ice levels now equal those of 1979—Remember that was during the new ice age scare era. It was the first year satellite pictures were available.

Scientists who challenge global warming can forget grants forever. Our new president announced with special gravitas, “global warming is real”. Wow, that does it for me. I’ll ignore all the evidence to the contrary, suppressed as it is, and buy the deal. I can’t wait to write those big cap and trade energy checks to President Obama so he can ease my conscience for messing with the world. So I can live like my leaders want me to live. So I, my kids, my grand kids and future generations can give up freedom and mobility. So I can watch countries who aren’t buying this crap begin to kick sand in our faces.

Now, all of you with hands up please tell me why in the world you believe in this when you gave up Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and Superman all those years ago. 

Since it’s now number 20 on the country’s big list of things to do, and since some with courage like George Will are beginning to question it based on facts, and since there is even a TV commercial comparing Al Gore to Big Foot, I’m starting to think global warming is really cooling. 

Might be a bad time to let professor Chu dump this pile of manure on the public, President Obama. Wall Street is vomiting all over your shoes right now. You’re not looking and smelling so good. Might want to take a pass on this one. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    This should be a must read for all Americans, as the golbal waring scare is 90% the cause of the problem we are in now. I just read that we now have more forest in the US than we did when America was dicovered. The indians were smart enough to burn the forest off, so there was grass for the Buffalo. I bet if we could burn off a few liberals this country might start doing well again.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Thanks Erv. If any of those liberals have any money invested in the stock market they are getting burned off.


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