Baby Boomers are Doomed

February/19/2009 3:40AM
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As the boomers reach 60 and retirement age, the whole world has turned on them. Their retirement nest egg is less than half of what it was 2 years ago. Their house is worth half. Social security is broke and doesn’t know it. They may draw for a few years, but don’t count on more than 10. The job market for their age is almost nil. They can’t retire but are being laid off in record numbers. Companies with retiree health plans are going broke or cutting the benefits. They can’t retire and they can’t find work.

Proud men and women who have never asked anything from their government may soon be totally dependent on that government for survival. 

When it’s time to turn to the U.S. Universal Health Insurance Plan, they will find they have to get approval for any health care from a government bureaucrat. We have all seen them. They often don’t come to work and when they do the enjoyment comes from playing God. When all dignity is gone, they might approve a medical procedure. But, if they don’t and it’s a critical need, paying cash won’t be an option even if you could. Check into how it works in Canada. The medical profession can’t take a patient who is willing to pay cash until the bureaucrat approves the treatment. Those with money come to the U.S. for treatment for serious illnesses. The bureaucrat will let you die. The older you are the better the chances you won’t get treatment in time. 

When it’s time to get other government support more and more bureaucrats. They will strip all the dignity form all the boomers who need handouts.

The government has trashed your future and now they will make you pay for becoming a beggar. You will have to learn the system that deadbeats in this country have been practicing for years. They are way up the learning curve on you. They will get there first.

The old “you’re in good hands with Allstate” slogan always came with a joke, you just don’t know where those hands are until you need them. I can tell you where the government’s hands will be. Right around your neck.

If you’re a boomer and you’re not scared yet, you better sit down and have a long talk with yourself. You are about to find out how life has been in Cuba and in the ghettos of America. If you let the Nanny State continue and just hope for the best, the best is behind you. Two years behind you and too late to fix. 

If we don’t stop the socialization of America and get the economy turned around where there are jobs for you who are entering your 60’s, your future will be a nightmare. A nightmare of begging your government for survival. Not one politician who did this to you will suffer. Their future is solid as a rock.

So, boomers, listen up. If we don’t throw the whole bunch in Washington out of office and fine some who can fix things fast, our future is not worth a plug nickle. Sorry.

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