Why Not Let Successful Business People Lead America?

January/05/2009 22:20PM
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We are very upset with the leaders of our country. Yet we are about to send a comedian to the senate. One, who stole the election with the help of his Democratic friends in the state. We are about to have a princess with a name and no talent go to the senate from New York. We are about to have an empty suit who couldn’t be the mayor of Chicago go to the senate from Illinois because a soon-to-be convict named him to the office and no one dares undo it because he’s black. Folks, it’s getting worse, not better. 

We are the problem. We seem to think that running this big machine we call a country requires little more than a law degree or a family name. The process for selecting nominees is very, very broken.

Inept thieves are running for political office. They can’t succeed in the private sector and if they can get elected they can get rich stealing from us.

Maybe the job is too big for the pay. Maybe we need to realize that a college coach makes more than the president of the university for good reason. That coach puts it on the line. Win or else. It’s big time accountability. And to do it year in and year out within the rules is really hard. I can get you a bus load of university presidents and you won’t be able to tell the difference at the end of ten years. 

Here’s a flash. Let’s put successful people in office and pay them what successful people need to make in this day and age. And set goals and expect success. Most of these people are used to working with that pressure. If the country is not performing, fire them all and start over. There are always lots of candidates for high paying jobs in this country. Candidates who have a track record of making goals in big corporations year after year. Successful people who surround themselves with successful people.

We have it all wrong. We elect the losers and expect them to make this huge corporation we call America run like a Swiss watch. Losers don’t succeed, they lose and they are really good at making excuses for losing. There are whole vocations full of losers. University professors with tenure, teachers with tenure, union workers who don’t work and hide behind work rules and seniority. Lawyers who chase ambulances. Many are the people we elect to office or people the elected officials go to for advice.

Let’s look at a few examples of how well our managers did last year. Foreign investors pulled $90 billion out of the U.S. in the last quarter, the biggest fire sale since we started keeping score in 1960. Lack of confidence in our country, you bet. We lost the most jobs since 1945. Corporate earning will slump into the first half of next year making 8 successive quarters of losses. Rosy picture.

Seems like a bad time to hire a comedian, a princess, and an empty suit to fix these problems. When are we going to wake up?

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Comments (3)

  1. Larry says:

    As in the business world, establish clear objectives and associate compensation with achievement. This is the only way to get competent leadership in public office.
    Because the compensation is so low, we get rich folks looking for a hobby farm job, or folks that must extort money to make ends meet. (Rod)
    Pay what the job is worth, and demand results! Limiting terms in office would be the policeman of performance.
    You are right on Bill.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Thanks, Larry. This experiment with the Community Organizer with the silver tongue should just about cap it for this country. He got his first slap down with Burris. When Rod named him, Obama said ain’t gonna happen. Guess what Barack you were wrong. And, you will be wrong often. Style and no substance assures wrong.


  3. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with me


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