Silver Linings in a Depression

January/21/2009 2:59AM
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There has to be a pony is this pile somewhere. We are not in recession, we are in a full blown depression. Remember, the brains in Washington didn’t acknowledge we were in a recession until last fall. Is there anything positive we can get from all this?

None of this has happened, but we might see some of it begin. 

First, as the most obese nation in the world, maybe being broke and having to find jobs where we work will shed some pounds. Mowing our own grass might send some illegals back to Mexico and take off a few calories. Shoveling our own snow may do the same. Cleaning our own house, gutters, and doing all those things we have been hiring others to do might make us slimmer. Losing that desk job and hiring on with the road construction crew will burn calories. Not having the money to shop at Whole Foods and buying all the fat stuff, but feeling better since it came from Whole Foods and was rung up by a kid with hundreds of piercings meaning it must be more healthy. Hello Aldi. Bag your own stuff. 

Next, how many times in the past 15 years have you tried to get someone to do some work at your house and set an appointment and either had a no show or a three hour late show? Guess what. The party is over for those cats. They will be hitting that wall, since the demand is half, or soon will be, for their privileged time. Adios Mr. Important Contractor. You just sit by that phone and wait for that Field of Dreams sap to call. Phone not ringing? Sorry, your world just changed. No one wants to call you not to show up or be rudely late. Guess you need to get a real job. 

How about that arrogant clerk in the department store. The store is gone. No clerks. The nerd at Circuit City that remained after the CEO they hired fired the high performing employees. Gone. Off to wherever nerds who should never be in sales go.

How about that surly starter at the golf course in Myrtle Beach. Golf course gone, ex-cop starter gone too. 

When things get too good, it affects all of our lives in both positive and negative ways. When things get too bad it does the same. If you put all of those bad things in perspective, some are going to get better. It will come with a lot of pain and it hurts me to think about when, to whom, and where the pain will fall. 

In situations where we were treated pooly when things were too good we won’t miss that pain anymore and the inflicter’s may learn form their mistakes by receiving undue pain, maybe it’s justice. 

Who knows, maybe even buying a new car will be less like a trip to the dentist. That assumes any of us will ever decide to buy one. Maybe even some of the dentists who don’t do good work will be gone.

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