President Obama, Guess I’ll Need a Gun After All

January/07/2009 0:41AM
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Never owned a pistol. Only fired one a few times when I was young. I grew up a bird hunter and I was really good with my 12 gauge Winchester pump with a poly choke. I could bring down a grouse or a woodcock in heavy brush. Still have it and if I could find it and then find the shells, I could probably hit a fair number of clay pigeons. It’s like riding a bike, once you learn it you keep the talent. I have never felt the need to keep a pistol in my presence. Right now, I think it’s not a bad idea. 

President Obama has a disdain for protecting us that makes Bill Clinton’s look overzealous. During Clinton’s last term, he cut the CIA budget to the bone. A man I know through family ties was called back into service in his late 70’s about two years before September 11th. The CIA was contacting all living ex-OSS(the CIA precursor) and CIA retirees and inviting them to Langley. If they would volunteer, no pay, the CIA gave them assignments. The gentleman I refer to was a retired grade school principal. He was very excited to go back into service. To say he was rusty is not an insult to a fine man. He did his work during WWII. His skills and technical ability were WWII vintage. While it gave him a shot in the arm at a point in his live when he needed one, it did not do much for my confidence that we were watching our country well. 

The day after September 11 th, this man and all the other volunteers were cut loose. You never read much about ill-conceived idea, it was covered up very well. We went from no budget to creating an organization with a bigger budget now than the FBI and CIA combined, the Department of Homeland Security. Supposedly, these three organizations communicate well with each other and there is no interdepartmental jealousy. If you believe that, I’ve got an investment tip for you, send all your money to Bernard Madoff. 

So when we got the attack, I was not the least bit surprised. President Clinton thought national security was a waste of money. Bush changed that and probably overkilled it, but he kept us safe. 

Now comes Obama. He has gone beyond where Clinton was on disregard for National Security. I will assure you we will have a serious incident in the next two years. Here’s my case.

First, he names Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. As Governor of Arizona, she destroyed the state budget. She had absolutely no regard for anything that has to do with security and safety. She has zero experience in this area, and fought the border fence despite the high crime rate by illegals in Arizona, and disagreed with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the best lawman in the country on almost everything. Here’s my thought about her, “I can see Mexico from my house”.  She should be an attorney for the ALCU. How’s that for a choice?

Next, he names Leon Panetta as head of the CIA. Even his own party is going crazy on this pick. Diane Feinstein thinks it’s a bad choice. Again, no experience, no reason to be in this job at age 70. Been running a think tank in California for the past 10 years. We wanted change, we’re getting it. Regression is a form of change.

How would you like to be a young, dedicated person in either Homeland Security or the CIA and see how much importance your new Commander and Chief places on your work as evidenced by the people he chooses to be in change? Quit, probably.  

The bad guys in the world have to be high fiving and toasting their future successes. We have elected the anti-Bush, a man who thinks the world is a nice place and no bad things can ever happen here in America. Hell, he comes from the South Side of Chicago where there were more deaths by homicide in 2008 than troop deaths in Iraq, and he wants to bring home the troops. While he was Senator homicides went up in Chicago. While he is President, rest assured, we are not safer, not by a long shot.

So do what you have to do to protect your family, I assure you Obama has already shown it’s not in his new job description, and before he can fire Napolitano and Panetta, we will see what mistakes these appointments are. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Scott King says:

    Nows the time to buy more arms and ammo. Dont get caught after he revises handgun permit laws. I prefer 40 and 45 cal handguns. Accurate and stopping power. Maybe some stock in Glock or Sig-Sauer?

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Good ideas. Thanks for the tips. I’ll shop accordingly. We probably need to find new ways to be nicer to the terrorists who kill a bunch of us too. Obviously, they should be entitled to everything the ACLU has to offer. Personally, I think the price of one of your recommended bullets is even too much. A noose costs nothing.

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