New York Times-Spanish Language Newspaper?

January/20/2009 3:34AM
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Get this. The New York Times owes a billion dollars to creditors. They have $48 million in cash on hand and the $400 million line of credit expires in May. They can’t sell their building or the Boston Red Sox. Woe to them, is this bastion of journalism going away? How can the biggest panderer to the left wing go broke? After drooling over the president-elect, attacking Bush and Palin, and using the paper to spout liberal causes for years, can it really fail? Isn’t there a bailout coming?

Maybe, but not from the pandered. All those elitists with the big bucks who have benefited from the impeachable help they have received from the Times, and none come forward with the checkbook. Come on Kennedy family, what’s a few million to you? All you big supporters of the liberal movement in the East, pony up. No one there to help the Times when they need the help. Wait.

Carlos Slim, the second richest person in the world may help. The man who owns most of Mexico is turning his eyes north and looking to help the Times. Let this be a waning to you, CBS, NBC, ABC, Washington Post, CNN, and all of you who pander to the left. When it hits the fan, you may have to beg in Mexico to keep your business afloat. How’s your Spanish?

The Seattle and Minneapolis papers are done. Big time left wingers.

How is it that the thought leaders in America, the media that spins the facts to brainwash all of us, can’t run their businesses? Because they don’t have a lick of common sense, they don’t recognize that everyone isn’t like them, and many of us have begun to not like them. America is giving back all the disregard you have given much of America for years and it will be the death of all of you. 

You have, like congress, zero trust in most parts of this country. And, news is easy to come by these days. The public wants straight unbiased news and you can’t or refuse to provide that product. 

There’s a big demand for Spanish language newspapers in America. Not much competition. As I see it, Carlos Slim can buy your sorry asses for a song. He can downsize you to fit the market for Spanish language news and have papers for that market for less than it would cost for a start up. 

If all you Elitists are so smart and the rest of America is so dumb, why are you all going broke? Worse yet, why don’t you help each other? I see few tears if the Times goes away. They write about the auto companies doing it to themselves. Hey, I’ll write the Times obituary for free, how’s that. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    Newspapers aren’t failing because of the rejection of the editorial page’s political views (regardless of their viewpoint), they are failing because their content is free elsewhere, most of the time under the same masthead.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    That certainly is a simple explanation. Why are the most liberal failing first? Is bad business practices a part of it? Why do so many of the people I talk to still read the Wall Street Journal which seems to be doing well? Is that why the banks are failing? As a businessman, I believe liberal medis is fighting for the same market and it isn’t big enough to go around. Fox seems to be doing very well.

    Bill Robertson

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