What Will $400 Million Buy You Today?

December/09/2008 2:19AM
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In an era of billion dollar buyouts, $400 million seems like a paltry sum. It’s what the unions in this country spent getting the Democrats elected in the recent election.

What will they get for that investment? Watch as the year unfolds. This is what they expect to get. First, of course, is card check. It’s passed the House, just a simple matter to get it through the Senate and the President. It should go fast. Despite the fact that we’ve seen what the UAW has done to Detroit. No matter bills must be paid.

Next is universal heath care. This will give the unions a new,bigger pot to skim. The NEA has set the standard for this for years. They have gouged the teachers for health insurance for years. The other unions can’t wait. Add all the new unionized businesses from card check and it’s a big dream.

How about the infrastructure project? This big jobs program will be paid for by the Federal Government. What will be a requirement? One will be union labor. This will create new jobs and all of them will be union jobs. It’s like a required boost to union membership.

Last, the global warming effort. New projects, just like the infrastructure projects, new opportunities to have union contractors gouge the government for work that may or may not reduce carbon emissions. I’m just basing this on the European model. 

What will this $400 million investment cost you. Wait and watch. My bet, you would vote to give the unions back their money and save billions. 

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