The Worst Bad Idea Yet

December/11/2008 2:29AM
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We have survived a lot of bad ideas in our U.S. history. Slavery was a bad idea. A civil war that tore our country apart was a bad idea. Prohibition didn’t work real well.  Joe McCarthy’s hearings were not good.  Korea and Vietnam proved to be poor ideas. The Edsel and new Coke didn’t work. Most everything Jimmy Carter did was a bad idea. Invading Iraq may well turn out to be a bad idea. Don Rumsfeld in general was a bad idea.

Environmental overkill may be the one that brings us to our knees. It’s our own fault because we are liars and cowards. Perhaps we are a little ignorant too.

I participated in numerous focus groups to see if the public wanted an environmental gasoline. This was 15 years ago. In every one almost to a person they all said, of course we do. We asked if they would pay more for such a product. Sure, they all said, up to a nickel more. Maybe more some said. This is where I first began to understand the way people thought about the environment. No one wants to be against doing the right thing for the environment. At least most people who came to a focus group. When we test marketed the environmental gasoline the public would not pay one penny more for a product that was scientifically better for the environment. Liars all.

So, if no one will admit in a focus group they won’t spend anything for the environment who will at a cocktail party? No one. So we are both liars and cowards. Because we are liars and cowards, most politicians believe that 80% of the public will do almost anything to help the environment. And, when the decisions get made that will cost you a lot more than a penny a gallon, just go look in the mirror.

Now to the ignorant part. Even the Saudis know they can’t run their country on solar and wind. Where do you have more solar than in the desert. They will hedge oil with solar and wind, but not bet the farm on it. We are betting the farm on it and we will lose the farm and that’s dumber than a box of rocks.

So keep lying and being a coward and a dumb ass and you and your kids and grand kids will suffer for it. You almost woke up when gasoline hit $4 and was on the way to $5. Almost 80% of you lying coward came out of the closet and said stop this insanity. You knew we had to do something, it was out of hand. What’s changed? Demand went down because the economy in the world is in the tank. 

Are you dumb enough to believe we won’t be in worse shape in 5 years? Do you really believe the government is going to solve this problem?

When we are out of energy and the so-called renewable energy hasn’t worked and you have all those regrets about lying, being a coward, and worst of all knowing all the time that what we were doing was the epitome of stupidity, how will you feel?

Better wake up now and get off the bus. Start taking a minority position and telling your kids, their teachers, your neighbors, and your boss that you are done being a dumb ass who lies about what he or she really believes. You know it isn’t going to work, so why ride the bus over the cliff and say nothing?

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