Global Cooling Becoming a Problem

December/05/2008 21:44PM
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The recent trend in global cooling puts a huge emphasis on developing a viable energy strategy. What, you haven’t read about global cooling? Why is that a surprise? Consensus science doesn’t allow for dissension. Like religion, you just have to believe. No questions asked.

Here are the facts. Data to be released next week will show this year to be the coolest since 2000. The average temperature will be 14.3C which is 0.14 cooler than the average for 2001-2007. This will be the third year in a row that the average temperature is down.

Thank you so much Al Gore. Without your help we could never have done this. You will be told that Al didn’t do this, La Nina did. It’s the opposite of El Nino.

Personally, I think it’s time for new consensus science. Let’s all agree we are facing a long term cooling trend. The ice cap will come as far south as Chicago in just 50 years and we will be overrun will polar bears. The oceans will shrink up and California will no longer be a coastal state. We will pay for carbon emissions. Crops will freeze and starvation will be world wide. Migration will be south since populations in the upper United States will not be able to heat their homes and businesses 9 months a year. The average temperature in Florida will be 65 degrees.

With this solid three year trend, why is this any less reasonable than global warming?

Non consensus scientists claim the climate is not greatly affected by man. They contend the temperatures used to support global warming prior to 1930 are pure guesswork, since no sophisticated measuring devices were used prior to that.

Rest assured about two things. First, this actual fact that the average temperature was down this year will be buried by the media. The only thing the U.S. media loves more than Obama is global warming. It’s their church of choice. Second, if it is presented it will be scoffed as an anomaly. 

Maybe in her golden years, Sarah Palin can walk to Russia. Right over the ice cap.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    Bill, I agree with you 100%. Being a mechanical engineer and having done heat transfer calculations, I have never been ever to figure out how anyone can figure out how the amount of energy in the world is changing when none can tell you how much energy it would take to heat a house within three percent ; even it they new what the outside temperature was. However global warming fits in very well with the junk politics we now have. Global warning is about as accurate as Al Gore inventing the internet.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Amen, Erv. The whole world is buying a pig in a poke. Even facts can’t deter the movement. We will drown in our own stupidity.


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