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December/13/2008 22:44PM
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Two weeks ago Senator Dick Durbin wrote a letter to President Bush to commute former governor George Ryan’s 7 year sentence. Durbin said he has compassion for Ryan. Just a week later current governor Rod Blagojevich is arrested.

I’ve lived in the Chicago area for over 30 years and I know there is a relationship between these two events. 

Pat Fitzgerald the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois deserves a medal. Local pols like Blagojevich and Hastert have been trying to get him moved out of here for years. Wonder why?

I wonder why there aren’t more Pat Fitzgeralds working as U. S. Attorneys in America. If there were, how many politicians could we lock up in a year? What percentage of politicians in America are dirty?

If you believe this is an Illinois problem, I will tell you that’s wrong. We are just blessed with a straight shooting, hard working U.S. Attorney. All of you outside Illinois should request one or buy one as the locals have been trying unsuccessfully to do to get Fitzgerald in their sleazy pockets for years. When that fails throw some cash and favors around to get him moved before the entire cadre of politicians are in jail. 

Back to Ryan and Durbin. My guess, Ryan threatened to sing to Fitzgerald about Durbin if he doesn’t get him out of jail.

Pretty soon Fitzgerald will have a choir. With Bladgoivich, Ryan, Cellini(the godfather of sleaze in Illinois, under indictment), Rezko, and some to be named soon this could be beautiful music. 

You can only hope that the really big fish are clean or they will be in the nets before this is all over. Durbin has tipped his hand. He really did Ryan a favor, since no president in his right mind, or even one without a mind, like Bush, would commute a sentence for an Illinois governor right now.

Keep an eye on this is will be fun. When this is over Illinois will be squeaky clean for the first time in history. For a year or so or until Fitzgerald becomes a national figure. 



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