Caroline Kennedy for Senator, We Have Hit Rock Bottom in America

December/18/2008 23:18PM
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Let’s see, what are the qualification to be a U.S. Senator? In Illinois, you have to have a million dollars to give to Governor Blagojevich. In Alaska, you have to be a demented sleaze ball who takes favors from anyone. Or, you can try to pick up guys in airport restrooms like Larry Craig. Maybe write letters to the President to commute a former Governor of Illinois 7 year sentence as Dickie Durbin did. Of course, that former governor’s graft led to the deaths of all the kids in a family, so what? Maybe Durbin has more to hide. 

Now we have Caroline Kennedy. There’s someone who has accomplished a lot. A smoldering resume to be a U.S. senator. When asked what her qualifications were, even George Stephanopoulos, lap dog of the Democrats, could only stammer, “she’d be a great fund raiser.” Isn’t that high praise for a candidate? Don’t we need more of that in this country today? 

She has name recognition. So does Paris Hilton. Let’s run her. Oh, yes, there’s the Camelot thing. Dad was nailing Marilyn Monroe in the White House, that was the real Camelot. 

Have you seen her first few public appearances? She makes Sarah Palin look like a seasoned campaigner. Will Saturday Night Live do a number on her? Of course not. She’s unprepared, not able to deal with issues, never worked, and has zero credentials to be an office secretary let alone an senator. But she’s a liberal so all of that will be overlooked by the media. Talk about lipstick on a pig.  

If we want real change in this country we have to stop treating politicians as brands. Didn’t George W. Bush teach us anything? In private life, jobs are primarily given based on education, experience, and results. Isn’t that novel? Based on that, would Caroline Kennedy make the top 100,000 candidates who might apply for the senate job in NY? Maybe not even the top 1,000,000. After all, it’s a good job. Look how much Hillary’s net worth went up while on that job. Amazing how you can leverage a $150,000 job into millions in just a few years. Not that Caroline needs the money. 

If we are going to this method, lets’ just call them state kings and use the British method. Prince Charles would be getting social security here, and he still hasn’t sat on the throne. 

We deserve what we have. We are terminally stupid as a country. The public is drooling over Caroline. 

I’m sorry, I’m not. Until we elect good people we will have bad government. It’s what we want. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    Why does the press like Caroline and not Sarah?????????

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Caroline, like Dad and Uncle Ted is a flaming left wing liberal like the press. Sarah is a conservative like you Tom. I’m sad to say the press wouldn’t like you either Tom.


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