As California Goes So Does America

December/07/2008 4:00AM
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Keep a close eye on California. Like most trends excessive government spending started there. It exists everywhere in the country, but like most things, it existed in excess there. That trend hopscotched to Washington. Bush retired a couple of years ago, but in politics, unlike real life, the security people don’t escort him from the building before the steals the paper clips. Or worse, just lets Hank Paulson run the country.

The Governator has done a real number on California The debt is now $60 billion and they have the worst credit rating of all 50 states.

No one is willing to cut spending. They continue to spend like drunken sailors. Just last month they approved a rail system that will cost $600 million a year for years.

They actually plan to raise taxes in this economic environment. They have a $40 billion deficit and cutting expenses is out of the question. Their budget is up 40% over the past 4 years.

They will raise sales tax and state income tax. Business will leave. Taxpayers will leave. They will have to raise taxes more to cover the growing deficit. 

Meteorologists use a barometer to predict the weather. California is the barometer for America. If California goes bust, will the United States? If there is no revolt in California, people and business just quietly move out, where do they go next? If America goes broke, will many of us quietly just move out?

How much time is there between California and America? Enough to fix it?

What could we do to fix it? 1. Vote out everyone in office today 2. Put in term limits to prevent getting back into this mess 2. Stop electing attorneys. They are only good at being rude to people who are trying to fix things like we’ve seen with hearings the past 20 years. Elect people with common sense, people like Sarah Palin. 3. Demand cost cutting 4. Stop suicide over global warming and other stupidity that we can’t afford 4. Send the illegal immigrants home, today 5. Stop excessive entitlements 6. Stop the space program 7. Stop giving squat to the U.N. 8. Tell the world we are no longer running the show

This is just a start. Any one of you can come up with a list. Try it.

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