Spreading the Wealth–Squared

November/01/2008 0:18AM
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Joe the plumber has helped the country understand what spreading the wealth means. Cuba knows. Russia knew. It’s not a new idea. You do the work, you take the risks, and your government takes more from you to help the deadbeat who sits on his ass and watches Oprah. It’s never worked but there are always those like Bill Ayers who want to see America be more like Cuba. I wonder what happens in childhood to men like Bill to make them hate America so much. His Dad probably got fired at the post office. Instead of going postal, he brought it home and little Billy went postal on the whole country.

Earlier this week I wrote that the states that will elect Senator Obama are states that have been run by Democrats and are in financial trouble.

Now, New York and New Jersey have come to Washington and asked for a new version of spread the wealth. The states that have messed up their finances want the states that haven’t to bail them out. Not in such direct terms, but that’s what they want. They want your tax dollars to come through Washington to them to help them continue to spend more than they take in from state and local taxes. 

Texas is one of the few states in the country that is still having good economic times. It’s a right to work state- few unions. They do offshore drilling. Is Texas going to support California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and all the states that have already been following the spread the wealth idea?

So, here’s the deal. You will, beginning in January of 2009, have spread the wealth, squared. You, if you are successful, will have to give more to President Obama to let him decide which groups of people need it more than you. But, the squared part is just now coming.There are a number of states, most of them the states that will put President Obama in office, who will ask you to send them some money to do the spread the wealth thing at the state level. 

For the life of me I can’t understand how the good people in those states think things are OK in their home states. If you can’t figure out that your state is going broke and who did it, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in a National election. 

To my friends and neighbors in Illinois, it’s Governor Rod Blagojevich, it’s Dick Durbin, it’s Senator Obama and it’s Mayor Daly. Throw in Jesse Jackson, Jr. and a few others including Rahm Emanuel, the next chief of staff for the next president. Democrats all. It ain’t George Bush.

To my friends in Michigan, it’s your lame- assed Governor Granholm. It’s your labor unions, it’s your long-time Democrats that you’ve been sending to Washington for years and years. Like Dingleberry.

New York, how about Schumer for starters and Clinton?

Every one of these states lining up for the new form of income redistribution are predominately run by Democrats for Democrats. 

Let’s just split it up. Obama can be the Blue State President, McCain, the Red State President. I’ll move to a Red State, Arizona. You Blue staters get squat from us. At the end of four years, all of you will be broke and trying to sneak back into a Blue State. Except, Sherrif Joe Aprio will be in charge of border protection. Good luck.

George Bush has been the worst president since Jimmy Carter, but up until two years ago the economy was doing well. He sure didn’t screw up your Blue States, your Democrats have been doing that for you for a long, long, time. 

I don’t like the spread the wealth, Obama style. I really don’t like it squared, bailing out the blue states that put him in office in addition to the benefactors of the tax credits. Those who paid no taxes. Hey, maybe the governors of the blue states should just take that money that the new President wants to give to those who pay no taxes and bail out your sick states. Thanks a lot for Obama. Just remember what goes around comes around. After Obama trashes the whole country like you’ve done to your Blue states, we may give you someone worse than Bush next time. No, not possible, everyone worse is already a Democrat in a blue state.  

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