Obama’s Free Speech–If You Don’t Say Something Good About Me, You Will Pay

November/01/2008 2:21AM
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Nice man, Senator Obama. The media gave him 60% more exposure than McCain and 80% were positive vs. 30% for McCain.  Not good enough America. Let’s focus on that 20% that was negative. You, who don’t say nice things about me, will learn to shut up or pay dearly. 

This week he kicked 3 reporters off his plane. The newspapers they represented paid big bucks for those seats. But, the papers they represent endorsed McCain for president. Response, get your ass off my plane. I will put a reporter from Ebony in your seat. 

A couple of weeks ago he ripped Fox News saying they cost him 5 points in the poll. When he’s president, will he call Fox news in and warn them about how they need to treat him?

You think Obama is going to run the media in this country, you bet he will. He has them in his pocket and if they turn on him he will make them pay.

I guess if you are in it for the power, you just start with the first amendment and mess with that. After all why go to the second or third. Let’s get the first the way we want it, then move on down the line. 

Those big floppy ears don’t miss much, do they? If you dare say anything bad, they pick it up. 

Poor old Joe the Plumber found out. J. Edgar Hoover would be proud of the investigation Obama put on Joe just for asking a question and getting an answer Obama said without benefit of the teleprompter. Call in the troops.

Goodbye fair and balanced. Goodbye Rush, Sean, and G.Gordon. If a reporter writes a negative story, will the IRS audit him or her? Maybe. 

Isn’t this how you move from Socialism to something worse? First, you control the money, then you control the media. If things are bad, your media says they are good.

We Americans are so dumbed down we believe whatever the media tells us. Why else would a community organizer become president?

Who will protect the fair speech if the President doesn’t want fair speech? If 80% isn’t fair enough, what will it take?

We don’t know anything about this guy, but every day I find out something new, he creeps me out more and more. Who’s telling the LA Times to withhold the video with Obama and his Muslim friend? Bin Laden?  

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Obama creeps me out as well, but what creeps me out even more is the millions of mindless who buy into his promise of change, which is nothing more than a sound bite he believes people want to hear and who will get him elected.

    I’m not giving up until the election is over. It may be, but I’m not going to allow the Liberal Media to say it’s over until the last vote or repeal is over.

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