Obama Will Bring Michigan to America

October/04/2008 15:06PM
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Why is it that the states in the most trouble are in Obama’s pocket? New York,Massachusetts, Michigan,Illinois,  Nevada, and California. These are states that have been following Obama’s plan. Nevada is the exception when it comes to taxes, but Harry Reid hails from there and they still want him. Why? They have tent cities in Nevada now.

Here are some facts. We never get facts, do we? States that spend less on income transfer and tax less experience higher growth rates than states that tax and spend more. Is it no wonder that that the three states that are rated numbers one through three, the one’s that do the least of this, are the three most successful states: Texas, Florida, and Arizona. A third of the new jobs created in the last 10 years were in these three states. Big rewards: Texas gained 1.7 million new jobs, Florida 1.4 million, and Arizona 600,000.  The three worst states: Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan lost 250,000 jobs vs. the 3.7 million gained in the successful states.  One other fact, the three successful states are right to work states and the three worst are not. The average family in Michigan had $8,672 less than the income growth from the three successful states.

Jobs and wealthy  people are leaving the states mentioned and migrating to the states that don’t penalize performance. If the entire country adopts Obama’s plan to make the  country more like California, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, and California, where will business and successful people go? Second question, do the residents of these states realize why they and their states are suffering?

Look to the North. Canada has a reformer for a Prime Minister. Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party , elected in January of 2006 ran to strengthen the military and cut taxes. Mr Harper has cut the corporate tax rate to 19.% and plans to cut it further to 15% by 2012. Ours is 35%. His opponent Mr. Dion is calling for the “Green Shift”. It would impose a $15.4 billion tax on carbon emissions. Canada is avoiding the recession hitting the rest of the world. Mr. Harper says the Green Shift is designed to screw the West and damage the energy business which is keeping Canada afloat. Even worse, he says it will screw everyone in the country. Looks like Harper may be around for a long time in Canada. It’s good news because you, your kids, and our grandchildren may be able to sneak across that border when Obama makes the rest of the country look like the states that are going broke, building tent cities, begging Washington for money, and losing jobs and people. How bad does it have to get for the people in those states to realize they have a broken model?

There’s and old saying, misery loves company. Those are the very states that will put Obama in office. Good luck America.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Although I have not looked at this in more detail, but think if we examine the politics of those Blue States, we’ll find that they are the States who most likely will be the ones asking the Government for a bailout, because their states are going broke.

    I think we need to change the colors of the elector map to show the states as Democratic Red and Republican Black. Red being Democratic states going broke who are looking for bailouts and Black States being Republican and not looking for handouts.

    Next, the map should include the Democrats and Republican Congressional leaders so they get the credit for their respective states.

    California = Red = Speaker of the House Pelosi, Status = Broke
    Illinois = Red = Obama & Durbin, Status = Broke
    Massachusetts = Red = Barney Franks, Ted Kennedy & John Kerry = Broke
    New York = Red = Hilary Clinton = Broke
    Nevada = Red = Harry Reid Senate Majority Leader = Broke
    Michigan = Red = Carl Levin Senator = Broke

    Interesting statistics and if you’re unlucky to live in a Red State or a State that is thinking about voting Democratic Red, you had better put your money under your bed, because your state will be the next state going broke and looking for a bailout.

    I also find it ironic that we use to refer to Russia as the Red’s, meaning Communist and Socialist. Believe me, if you go black, you’ll never go back and I can assure you, Obama is not black, He’s a Red.

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