No Need to Contribute to Charity With President Obama

October/23/2008 22:35PM
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One advantage to having Obama as president, I won’t have to make my normal charitable contributions for the next four years. He will do it for me. It’s one convenience I will really appreciate. I hope all of you will give this serious consideration.

See, he is going to raise my taxes and give the money to people who really need it. How nice of him to do my work for me. I just hope he doesn’t expect me to do it too. Why would I?

Last year my charitable donations were just over $8,000. In the next 4 years I will save $32,000, the postage, the time of writing the checks, and all that energy of trying to figure out who to give to and who not to give to. Also, I will have my answer for the hundreds of people who call all the time soliciting for charity. I already gave at the polls. It should be great fun to handle those phone calls. 

It will be nice to live in a country where your government decides how to do your charity job for you. I am very secure that President Obama will take good care of the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross, the National Humane Society, and the many other more needy organizations that I have always supported. As I see it, all of them will go away, since the government is doing their jobs too.

I wish all of those organizations the best of luck, since I’m sure their leaders and employees are big supporters of Obama. Most of them will be OK since they will get a check from the government. 

When it’s all said and done, I think I might come out ahead in this deal. After I pay my tax increase and forgo the lousy deduction I get for my past charitable work, I could actually make money from this plan. Plus, I will sleep even better knowing my government is doing my work better than the charities and I have ever done it in the past.

See, there is good in everything you just have to look hard for it sometimes. Obama just doesn’t understand that those of us he plans to gouge are smarter than he is. We have actually done real work and used our brains to make our fortunes. He will implement the income redistribution plan, but it won’t work, since we will outsmart him as we always have in the past.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I love your idea about contributions and you’re right, it will probably end up being more cost effective letting Obama pay. When I was working, I use to give a percentage of my pay to different agencies and it was taken right out of my payroll check. So when I would get unsolicited phone calls at home, I would just say, I gave at the office and hung up the phone. But your idea is even better and I will now have something new to say to those who call, I gave to Obama, call him….

    Seriously, what Obama does not understand, if you take more from us who pay our taxes, we’ll be less likely to give to those who need our contributions and will have to depend on the government. Unfortunately, the government will be broke and as a result, many of these charitable organizations too, will go under, just like all of the other jobs and businesses what will no longer exist after he increases the taxes of those who pay for everything now.

    People will have a chance to make the right decision, but if they don’t, don’t call me, call Obama, he’ll take care of you….

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