Medicine for America

October/15/2008 4:27AM
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I just came down with a brutal cold. I have a cough medicine that stops the coughing dead in it’s tracks. The brand is Buckleys. I had one dose left, took it and went off to the drugstore to get a new bottle. Wallgreens doesn’t carry Buckleys anymore. CVS ordered me two bottles that I can pick up tomorrow. The pharmacist said that stuff tastes nasty. It tastes so bad it says so right on the box. Here’s my theory on why Buckleys works. You take a shot and when the feedback gets back to the brain, the brain says, that’s nasty. The brain sends a message to the cough center, no more. We can’t take any more Buckleys. The United States needs a good dose of Buckleys. 

Instead, we are avoiding the bad tasting medicine and trying to get well without the bitter taste. It’s easier to go from a capitalistic country to a socialistic country than to bite the bullet. Both presidential candidates will offer their medicine tonight during the debate. Both want us to solve a spending problem by following the government’s path of increasing debt. Obama will let you take money from your retirement fund to solve your day to day expenses.  Isn’t that how we got into this mess? Our government takes your social security deposits and uses them for other needs. When those people who use Obama’s plan depleting their IRA and counting on social security, will find it won’t be there. Neither will Obama. McCain will cut taxes. If we are spending money bailing out the world and printing money as fast as the presses can print it, how can we cut taxes?

We may have a cough now, but if we don’t start swallowing the Buckleys, we may have pneumonia tomorrow. We have two candidates running for office but neither will offer the kind of solutions we need to avoid the serious illness.

We must bear a large part of the responsibility. If either candidate recommended we take the Budkleys we would not vote for that candidate. We aren’t desperate enough  to swallow the bad medicine. No politician who tells us we must will get our vote. So, it’s a Catch 22. Even if someone knew the best medicine, we wouldn’t take it.   

We reap what we sow and right now we may be sowing the seeds that bring the country to it’s knees. Never in my lifetime have I seen the people so angry and upset with our leaders. This is a recipe for disaster and we need a leader to step forward and offer the bitter medicine we need to get well. And we need to vote for that candidate and back him or her for telling us the truth and make the sacrifices we need to make.

Keep your hopes up, we need help and need it now.

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Comments (2)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    I agree that neither candidate is offering a solid prescription for the mess we find ourselves in. I, too, find it hard to believe that the most productive thing our government can do to help alleviate this mess is to borrow another $700 Billion from China! I thought that if we were in a hole, someone (anyone!) would have suggested that we stop digging.

    I think it is clear that most Americans are not willing to own up to the fact that irresponsible borrowing and living beyond our means (at all levels of society) is the root cause of this mess. And our leaders are happy to let us wallow in our ignorance and try to buy our votes with tax cuts and higher spending that we can’t afford.

  2. Ken Dozier says:

    Joe the Plummer won the debate for America and exposed how Senator Governments Liberal tax plan who wants to tax businesses so the government can redistribute the wealth to those who have not earned it.

    The reality is this; businesses don’t end up pay taxes, because they end up increasing their prices to cover their costs, so Joe six pack ends up paying for it. The only winner with Obama’s plan is the Government who does nothing to create jobs or create wealth for anyone but themselves.

    Senator Government needs to understand we need to cut taxes, not raise them on anyone, especially businesses who are the ones who will invest those tax dollars in their businesses so they can create more jobs and will create wealth for all of us. The more we give and allow Senator Government to raise our taxes, the more they’ll spend it on special interest groups who want to build more bridges to know where.

    The more jobs that businesses create, the more of us will be able to work and the more taxes we’ll be able to pay and the government will be able to take in. That is how our free market works. We are not looking for Government jobs.

    If you want to win this election and get a real job, vote for Joe the Plummer and make sure we send Senator Government back to Chicago so he can get his job back with Acorn as a community organizer.

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