Media Helped Create the Credit Crisis

October/10/2008 22:08PM
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Investigative reporting is gone forever in this country. When surveys show that 90% of the media in this country support liberal causes and liberal politicians, it makes it hard to report on their shortcomings. 

If a house has two doors and you only stake out the back door, who knows what happens at the front door? Journalism is supposed to be like justice, blind to bias and prejudice. When it isn’t, you get big blind spots. When you see your job to be supporting causes instead of reporting truth, you are no longer being a journalist. 

Case in point. Where were the alarms on the credit crisis? Where is the outrage about the perpetrators of the mess? Enron got far more visibility and due dilligence digging into the root causes of the fall of Enron. The media even took Arthur Anderson down in the process. How do Durbin, Frank, and Dodd get media immunity?

People need to know the truth about what’s going on in all aspects of government. Journalists have always played a key role in exposing injustice. Today, journalist don’t have that in their job description. They will do that if the other team does something wrong. But, if the home team messes up, who will know? Ding bats like Katie Couric see their job as throwing gotcha questions at Sarah Palin. Questions that have never been asked of a V.P. candidate before. Katie has Barack’s picture in her wallet and a big dent in her checkbook from her contributions to his campaign. Her role in this interview was to get Obama elected, not vett Palin’s qualifications to run for V.P. When he ran for vice president did Al Gore get grilled on obscure questions that no candidate would be expected to know? No.  

If a Democrat like John Edwards must be exposed by the National Inquirer for bad behavior, what else is being swept under the rug? Tony Resko, the Chicago deal maker is supposedly talking to the Feds to get some time off his prison sentence. Will he sing on Barack about how the lot deal went down and any other tidbits about his early days with him as a fund raiser? If he does, will it be quashed?

We as voters can’t get what we need since congress is on a different agenda. We as citizens can’t get the true story from the media. How do we change this?

First, stop voting for the politicians who answer to special interests. Next, stop watching the networks that push special interests. We are doing a better job here than we are with the politicians. The Internet is changing both. We can get our news from lots of sources and the networks are fast becoming local news channels for New York City. Obama’s so-called Truth Squad is trying to control the media, not satisfied with 80% of the time being devoted to him, he wants only favorable treatment. This seems to be his pattern. He really, really doesn’t appreciate criticism does he?

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    The election is no longer about voting Republican or Democrat. It is not about the war, the economy, energy, global warming, health care, Wall Street, or anything else you can think of. With only 26 days left, this election has come down to two choices and the choices are voting for Socialism or Capitalism. We have two candidates to pick from and depending on whom you vote for it will define our way of life for years to come and perhaps forever.

    Hine sight is 20/20, but if you look back over the past 16 years, which includes both parties in control, you’ll find we are slowly and with in the last two years, have become more socialized. Our government has become more and more oppressive and our way of life and the rights we have fought so hard for are being diminished and given away.

    Nether candidate is the best choice, but there is a very clear choice to be made and they are dramatically and vastly different. They are like night and day, right or left, up or down and so on. Most of us have made up our minds on who we’re voting for, but there are still a few of you that have not yet decided and time for you to make the right choice. I’m not sure what they are waiting for, but for me, the decision is simple, and I am definitely voting for Capitalism. Capitalism is what has created this great country and has influenced the rest of the world. Therefore, capitalism if allowed, will again get us out of the mess we’re in, but that assumes we don’t give way to Socialism, which will certainly destroy us.

    If Socialism gets elected, we will never restore our great country and it will result in a system that is owned and controlled by the government, not the American people. So what’s it going to be? Capitalism, which is by and for the people and keeps us free to live our lives or do you want Socialism, which is a Government that controls and decides all aspects of our life?

    Think very hard about this when you enter the voting booth, because your vote will define the future of America.

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