Joe Biden Finally Speaks the Truth

October/27/2008 2:01AM
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At last after years of plagiarism and untruths, Joe Biden speaks the truth. He said, “if we win, within six months we will face a major challenge from someone, somewhere in the world.”

Translated, the bad guys think Obama is weak and inexperienced and someone will try him. Weak and naive, that’s the world opinion of Senator Obama. A man who doesn’t have the background and experience to deal with the real world. A man who wants to sit around the campfire with Hugo and Raul and sing Kumbaya.

Where does that put all of us. Somewhere I don’t want to be. We’ve got enough bad stuff going on at home and two wars now, why take on something else just because we made a bad choice for president?

I believe Senator Obama will destroy our economic situation at home. I believe he will set us back on energy. I believe he will put us in a bad place in lots of areas. But, until Joe Biden brought it up, I hadn’t thought about the idea that we will be strapped on by some bad people who just want to test Obama. 

Joe says not to worry, he’s got Barack’s back. The record show Joe has been on the wrong side of every defense issue in the last 25 years. Gee, I feel a lot better Joe.

So, vote for Obama and Biden and we will be attacked somewhere from someone in the first six months of 2009. Sounds good to me.  

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I have spent a little time on Google looking at what it takes to get a National Security Clearance, especially considering we are about to elect Barack Obama as our next President of the United States of America, who has the highest clearance in our land. The President has access and clearance for everything in our Government, including giving the order to deploy nuclear weapons.

    Given all of the information concerning Obama’s past associations with radicals both hear and abroad, how is it possible that he has been or will be given the highest National Security Clearance? Can we trust him with this information and he won’t be tempted to pass it along to his past associates?

    Let’s not give him that chance. He must not be elected.

    The links below will make you question how we could consider giving the highest security clearance of our land to a man who has so many unanswered questions about his past and future agenda. I hope these links work on you site.

    Allegiance to the United States
    Foreign influence
    Foreign preference
    Sexual behavior
    Emotional, Mental, and Personality Disorders
    Personal conduct
    Financial considerations
    Alcohol consumption
    Drug involvement
    Criminal conduct
    Security violations
    Outside activities
    Misuse of information technology systems

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