Pelosi Tax

September/18/2008 17:00PM
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Get ready for the Pelosi tax increases. First, it will be your heating bill this winter. This will create a new round of housing problems since many people on the edge will not be able to pay the heat and the mortgage. Just as that sorts itself out, you will be hit with higher electric bills. It’s refreshing to note that New York will be among the worst. Today ,Chrysler announced a 4,000 body count layoff. Also,  airlines made similar cuts. Gee, I wonder why?

It’s the energy problem ,stupid. President Bush announces that the DOE will suspend reformulated gasoline requirements because of Hurricane Ioke. Do you realize we haven’t needed reformulated gasoline, period, for the last several years. Why? Reformulated gasoline was needed before cars were produced with knock sensors. All new cars for the past 14 years have had knock sensors. Why do we need reformulated gasoline? It requires ethanol and Archer Daniels Midland owns Washington, lock ,stock and barrel. Why, they represent farmers. Those corporations that are making record profits this year, and not ever, ever going to be asked to pay a windfall profits tax. The truth, Archer Daniels Midland represents ADM, using the farm lobby to their benefit.

Here’s the math. Mandated renewable electricity is expensive. Expensive to create from a capital perspective, and expensive to produce one the investment is made. Who pays for that?  You do, did you think being green was free? California, which is almost broke and is losing it’s tax base since all the big taxpayers are moving out in record numbers decided slow suicide is painful. They want to step it up. They just set higher goals for getting to 25% of all electric power to be from renewable sources. Wonder what that will do to the electric bills in California. Won’t matter ,since soon it will just be Pelosi and her friends, Arnold and his friends, and illegals.

You don’t like the Pelosi tax? Just wait for the Obama tax tacked on the Pelosi tax. Do nothing on energy, the real problem behind the pain,then tax oil which will passed back through to you, and add government jobs to make renewable energy,  and put cap and trade on top of all this. How many jobs will be lost with this? How many people living on the edge wll fall off? Does anyone care? Look how well all of this is working in Europe. Do we really want to be Europe? They envy us but would like us to be like them and feel their pain. Really feel it.

I’m just glad I live in Illinois. It’s a shorter move to Canada. 

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