Obama to McCain–You Want Me to Do What?

September/25/2008 22:24PM
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Yesterday John McCain suggested that he and Senator Obama go to Washington and do some work. Obama was insulted. Do some work? Doesn’t McCain understand that work is for others. Obama is an orator and a professional campaigner. 

If he has to go to Washington and participate in the bailout process, he might have to show up to listen to the baloney. Plus, he might have to take a position. These are things that Barack just doesn’t do. What if he took the wrong position? Would it affect the election? How many people can he take with him? Some of the 400 advisors who are on full time staff. This is really scary stuff. Can’t we just keep campaigning?

Obama says to Brett Hume tonight we shouldn’t have gotten into this mess in the first place. Gee, the former CEO’s of both Fannie and Freddie were advisors to Obama’s campaign. And, Obama is second to Chris Dodd in political contributions to his campaign. Today, it was announced that Obama still has one of the former CEO’s as an advisor. What a perfect source for financial advice. Obama is still trying to get out of this issue tonight. He says”injecting presidential politics into this mess is not a good idea”.

So, if Obama is elected what does he do? He doesn’t do work. Will we have daily press conferences? Will he pick up on his work in Germany and run for President of  the World? Will he start his campaign for the second term?

This is the man who says he can work across the aisle and get millions of people to do his bidding all over the world. He shows up at a meeting where no one in agreement over one of the most critical issues we might face in years and he votes present. He does nothing to help solve the partisan politics. He just wants to go back to Mississippi and campaign. 

Bush made a plea to the country and the congress. No one heard him. Neither McCain nor Obama made a dent.

If the package fails, watch the Dow drop 700 points tomorrow. Don’t worry Obama. Just keep campaigning.

All hat and no cattle. That’s Barack. When the chips are down, he’s elsewhere. When it’s a tough call, he votes present.

McCain might lose the election, but he will do what’s best for the country again just like he did with the surge. Obama will do what’s best for Obama. In every example in his entire life, that’s usually do nothing but talk. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    The futures market would suggest the market going down this morning, but not hopefully to 700 points. This is what’s going to happen. Congress received thousands of calls and faxes yesterday saying they did not like the 700b bailout and now the Republicans are going to come up with their own (Gindridge) plan and will ultimately force the Democrats to do what ever they say, which is a loan, not a bailout and no golden parachutes.

    I’m not sure if that will be today or next couple of days, but McCain is not buying into the bailout and if he gets this done, he is going to be the hero and our next president. He will leave Obama standing on the stage waiting for him to show up to debate and will end up talking to himself. Perhaps he can phone in and tell everyone who is still in Washington working on solving the problem to call him if they need his help.

    The second possibility is that it won’t get done today and it will force Obama to stick around DC and Work, which I’m sure will piss him off because the old Man will have one upped him again.

    Either way, McCain will wind this round.

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