Drilling is a Dirty Word in America

September/01/2008 14:05PM
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Drilling for oil onshore is an example of how the media brainwashes us in America. We equate onshore drilling with birds soaked in oil and environmental blight. There are still operating oil wells in urban Los Angeles. We  have drilled everywhere for oil and when the oil is gone, the equipment goes away and there is no blight. It’s not strip mining.

So why would we be so concerned about 2,000 acres in ANWAR? First, all images of ANWAR show beautiful scenes of other parts of Alaska. Second all scenes of drilling show derricks which go away once the oil or gas is tapped. Basically, we are mentally manipulated by the media. Why? Media people are flaming left wing liberals and militant environmentalists. Most have never been to Alaska and will never go. They are elitists who think Manhattan is the world. 

Why do we let these people influence our thoughts? Simple, we haven’t had a viable alternative for our news. As alternatives present themselves we are leaving the networks, the main-stream newspapers, and other traditional sources in droves. They will hang on to their liberal base until they go broke. That might be sooner rather than later. The flap over the Obama bias is hurting.

Alaskans want to drill in Alaska. They are people who respect the outdoors and love their state. They know what has happened on the North Slope over the last 30 years and have no compunctions about expanding that to ANWAR. Those closest to the action and with the most at risk want to proceed.

What possible logic keeps us from proceeding? Is drilling related to a trip to the dentist? Is it what happens when a linebacker blitzes a quarterback? Is it a knee jerk reaction to spills that occurred on water? Is it a personal bias by a small minority who control the natural resources that belong to all of us?

Whatever it is, it defies logic. It is a symptom of the terminal ignorance that is destroying our country. We have fools manipulating our thought processes. Talking heads who read teleprompters. Urban fools who take taxis and could care less about the average man or woman who drives to work each day. Wealthy people who have a fantasy of a pristine world where our GDP is all from finance with no manufacturing.

Worse, we have elected and soon to be elected people in power who share this collective ignorance. They want you to bet the farm on some yet-to-be discovered technology to create energy. There is no damage to use what we have until some form of economically realistic renewable energy is developed. The delays that have occured while the fools have convinced us to do nothing may put us in a bad place for a fair amount of time. Every day that you and I continue to buy the dream from the illogical dreamers will make that bad patch last longer and longer. 

Offshore drilling may merit some debate even though spills have not occurred for years and years. Drilling in ANWAR should be no debate whatsoever. The McCain thought process is flawed. The Senator needs to get on a plane with Sarah Palin and make a visit to ANWAR. This is a great example of why we need political reform. McCain’s people have told him that he needs to take a moderate position on energy. McCain’s people are dead wrong. He needs to tie energy to jobs and run over the opposition like a tank. We have seen what $4 gasoline has done to our economy. The working people are paying the biggest price. The core base of the Democratic Party. 

Sarah Palin is the best thing that has happened to American politics in the last 30 years. I don’t care if she can handle the media or if she can start another war in the Middle East. I only know she is smart enough to know we should drill in ANWAR. That is smarter than 90% of the rest of the bums. And as smart as 75% if the American public.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I know you have not been watching the Conventions, but hopefully you’ll tune in on Wednesday, when Sarah “Barracuda” takes the stage. I will be there watching and can’t wait to see her national unveiling.

    I also can’t wait to see her go after Biden on all the issues, including foreign dictators. I think she’ll do fine.

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