Drilling is a Dirty Word in America-Part 3

September/04/2008 1:29AM
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Yesterday a reader sent a website with a picture of a water fowl that died from being submerged in oil. Very sad. I don’t like to see God’s creatures killed like that.

I do want to thank the person who sent that. It helps make the case for offshore drilling. Today 70% of our oil is imported and most of that is by tanker. Tankers present a greater risk for oil spills than offshore drilling. While the bird in the picture is being held by an Asian person, it is undated and not site specific. Still, I assure you the offshore drilling process here in America is more regulated than most parts of the world. Hence, they are more likely to have offshore drilling incidents elsewhere than we are here.

If it’s birds you really care about, and we should, drilling offshore will protect more birds than by asking others in the world to drill offshore and ship here. And, the giant windmills T.Boone Pickens wants to put throughout the Midwest, kill an average of two to three birds a day. Work out the math on that and you will find far more birds will die from those than died from the one major offshore incident we’ve had in the past 30 years here, the Union Oil spill in Santa Barbara, Ca. 

Like most debates, people want to use one picture to show why we shouldn’t do something. I could show you a picture of an out-of-work auto worker going into the unemployment office. How about the airline mechanic going into the bar since he is laid off. How about the single working mom who can’t buy food since it costs her too much to commute to work. 

The truth of the matter is I’ve had it with the bird pictures. The lies about the Spotted Owls and the crap about the polar bear population. Let’s start using facts in these debates. Why is there only one side of global warming? The only place you can get the science for the side that disagrees with global warming is on the Internet. You will never see it on TV on in mainstream media. I’ve been through the asbestos, DDT, silicone breast implant and other media creations and see the boon to the legal profession and the damage to the public. I don’t need any more myths. How many people died from Malaria and starvation from the DDT fiasco? Bird shells are thinner? Now dis-proven. Give me a break.

Where did the spill occur with the bird? What caused the spill? When did it happen? Cut the crap and cut to the chase.

I saw a dead raccoon on the road today. Hit by a car. Let’s outlaw cars. 

Many of us in this country are tired of the stupid useless guilt trips you tree huggers try to put us on. 

Progress has a price, it always has. But, lack of progress has a price too. You guilt trippers are always quick to point out the dead birds, where are you when your stoppage of progress creates human suffering?

It’s time for trade offs and real debate and the the other side is going to be heard. So, don’t send me anymore dead bird pictures, Mr. or Ms. GCN888 unless you give me facts and balance. I get enough bias from the media.

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