Pelosi Turns Lights Out on Congress-She Really Wants to Turn Your Lights Off

August/09/2008 13:56PM
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Nancy the Nasty did to congress what she intends to do to the whole country—turned the lights off.

She wants you to believe we can take an entire carbon based society and convert it to some yet unknown energy source. Are you buying this?

If she’s wrong, you will pay dearly.

Here’s all we  will lose. Our economy will be in the worst depression in history. You won’t have a job. Your investments, which are already going down will be worthless. The dollar will be worthless. We will be unable to defend ourselves if enemies come calling. No fuel.

Food will be scarce. Your most valuable asset will be your gun.

Nancy, Obama, Gore, Durbin, and most of the Democratic party, many soccer moms, and the elitists fools in Hollywood, think you can run an economy on empty. You are getting a hint of what it will be like. They have ideological goals for energy. Jobs, the economy, your lifestyle, you home, your security all take a spot behind their insane notions about the environment. Logic plays no role. Listen carefully to their arguments. Peolosi says it’s stupid to drill offshore.

We are about to be put to death by fools and dreamers. This country is going to a bad, bad place. It’s all about energy, and Nancy told you how she feels. Remember where her constituents are, San Francisco. They can go dark and I could care less, just don’t let her take the rest of us with them. 

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