Obama-The Great Unifier

August/28/2008 18:23PM
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Bush has been criticized for 8 years because he can’t bring any unity to anything. But, one thing he hasn’t done is create a huge rift in his own party. Barack has managed to do that.

What does it take to bring disparate groups together and resolve issues? First, a great deal of trust. Second, you can’t be an arrogant egomaniac. Third, you must have patience. Finally, you must be willing to compromise and make concessions for the greater good of the big cause. 

Let’s see how Barack rates in these areas. This will be a litmus test of whether he can deliver on his big promises of bringing the world together. First, lets look at trust. He doesn’t even have any with his own ethnic group. Jessie wants to remove his manhood. He has thrown Reverend Wright and others under the bus. He played the race card with Bill Clinton. Ask old Bill if he trusts Barack. On the trust issue, I would give Barack a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I would always feel Barack would put this ambitions before anything. You can’t expect much trust from a man like this. Usually, a man or woman with a high level of trust has a huge circle of friends. Not one person in Barack’s undergraduate class can remember him. 

Let’s look at arrogance and egotism. I would rate Barack a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone who thinks he is more qualified with less qualifications. He has taken entitlements to a whole new level. He has never done anything and believes the world should trust him to do everything based on his word that he can. When he ran for the senate he aspired to be president. Now as he runs for president he aspires to run the world as he showed in Germany. Where will it all end, watch out God, this man feels he can do your job too. This addresses patience. Barack is in a hurry to get to the next level he doesn’t have time to have patience. 

Finally, let’s look at compromise. In Iraq, Barack denied the surge worked. I would take this as a big signal that arrogance and egotism would never allow this man to compromise on anything. His inability to work with Jessie Jackson or Bill Clinton shows he isn’t real big on giving anything up. And the big cause is Barack, nothing else. 

You think Bush doesn’t play well with others? Can you give me any assurance whatsoever that Obama won’t piss off the whole world, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and everything he comes in contact with in the next four years should we be dumb enough to put a total unknown in the office of President? Please, just one example. 

I see this megalomaniac making Castro and Chavez look good. He will speak tonight from a Greek Temple. To 75,000 of his closest friends. Like the entire convention and the one next week, everything will be tightly scripted and carefully orchestrated. We are all be treated like naive idiots. Haven’t we come a long ways from this stuff? This is  Mayberry RFD. I have a few friends who still watch Mayberry but most of us don’t .

Like most Americans I am proud that we have an African American nominee for president. I remember traveling in the South in the early 60’s and seeing separate restrooms and drinking fountains. We have truly come a long ways as a country. But, I also witnessed the effects of forced diversity on corporate America. Many unqualified minorities and females got put in jobs they weren’t prepared to do. Their failures were hard on them personally and made things difficult for the minorities and females who were qualified.

One good thing. After Barack’s speech these charades will be 50% over.  Let’s all move on. I can’t even get local news since those talking heads need to tell me their thoughts about the convention. If it’s not important to deliver local news for four days this week and another four at the next convention, why have it at all? Guess this explains why all the ratings are down. 

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