Obama Platform in Plain Terms

August/29/2008 3:38AM
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Vote for Obama and here’s what you will get. An energy policy that grows government and creates no energy. A cap and trade tax that will increase your gas prices and heating bills. A labor union policy that will unionize more businesses and send some out of the country or out of business. Bigger government. Lower stock prices. More taxes. More regulation.

Basically you get Nancy Pelosi on crack. 

Plus, you get no experience and no feel for the commander and chief part of the job.

You get a man who finds it very hard to admit he’s wrong. Example, the surge issue in Iraq.

A hostile environment for business. A protectionism against free trade.

A new Bill of Rights: The government owes you health care. You are free to enter this country illegally with impunity. If you don’t work the government will provide for you. If you work hard and do succeed you must pay the government so we can take care of all of the above. Exception. Obama chooses not to give any help to his own half-brother who lives in a hovel in Africa and exists on a dollar a day. 

But, you get a very good speaker. You get a man with a lot of style. You get diversity. You get a man who aspires to be the leader of the entire world. Lot’s of ambition. Lot’s of arrogance. Lot’s of ego.

The LPGA(Ladies Professional Golf Association) has a lot of diversity. So much so that it is the Asian tour in America. The only problem is the average U.S. golf fan doesn’t want to watch Asians play golf in America. So they are losing sponsors, getting no TV air time, and will soon be no more. In desperation, they are stipulating that you must speak English to play on the LPGA. Of course, the ACLU is all over that.   Point, diversity, which is always good from a political correctness perspective, can also be not so good. 

When it comes to speaking, as a reader wrote this week, the empty drum makes a lot of noise.

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