Jobs Leave U.S.

August/18/2008 16:58PM
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Fallout from the dismal energy and corporate tax attitudes in this country are becoming dire. The chemical industry is being destroyed by high oil prices. Environmentalists and many politicians think that is good. They don’t like refineries or chemical plants. They love ethanol processing plants. Those attitudes have driven 120,000 chemical jobs out of the U.S. in the past 5 years. Manufacturing is down 3 million jobs. Once again, the Democrats who look the blue collar worker in the eye and tell them they are the party of the working man are double crossing the worker with energy and corporate taxpolicy. When they drive the jobs offshore the workers don’t go with them.

Foreign governments are romancing the U.S. chemical companies. They assure them oil feedstocks and fair prices and in turn get the tax dollars and the jobs.

Every day we get another piece of bad news on the energy front and nothing changes. It just keeps piling up and we keep debating whether we should do A or B or C or nothing. In truth we need to do A,B,C, D and all the rest. What we can’t afford any longer is to do nothing.

Russia wants to put Europe in the same hammerlock we have put ourselves in. They don’t want that alternative supply route through Georgia. They are willing to risk a lot to keep that from happening. If the only supply for oil and gas comes through Russia, as it does now, they can control the way the European countries behave.

Right now the Canadians, Mexicans, Saudis, and Venezueleans can control our behavior. Every day that passes and we do nothing, they have greater leverage. 

Wars are fought over oil. Wars are fought with oil. Countries lose wars because of a lack of oil. This country is so deep in denial we have no chance for any future if we don’t wake up and get about the job of creating energy to keep us running. More jobs will be lost, more wealth will be shipped elsewhere, and our ability to keep our economy afloat and defend ourselves will be more and more difficult.

If you don’t get this, I feel very, very sorry for you. I think logic is kicking in with more and more people every day. It’s just common sense, and we don’t seem to have much in government today. 

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