Democrats Please Come Out of the Closet

August/24/2008 16:12PM
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The upcoming Democratic convention would seem an ideal time for the party to come out of the closet. It’s is painfully obvious that you are no longer in love with the worker, the union worker, or the poor and downtrodden. You have taken a new lover. The radical environmentalist. Stop lying to the old lovers and come clean. As Bill Clinton found out, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have Hillary at home and Monica under the desk. Someone will catch on and it will hit the fan. 

I love my country. I love the great outdoors. But, I love my freedom too. Your new lovers want to take it from me, my children, and my grandchildren. But, you will take it from the workers, the union workers, and the poor and downtrodden first as this year has shown. Your love for the radical environmentalist has destroyed a lot of lives this year with high energy prices. You think near record unemployment is an accident? You think rampant inflation is not related to your position on energy?

Radical anything is bad. It leads to ideological beliefs. You Democrats have sold out to this idea. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the poster children. So is Barack. Add Durbin and the rest of the lot, and you all follow the great prophet, Al Gore, idiot of the century. 

America is waking up to your closet behavior. You are going to try to scam us and pass a no-energy energy bill with the help of a few misguided Republicans in the gang of 10. 

Stop pitching the B.S. and just come clean. At your Green Convention, just come out and say it. We are the party of irrational environmentalists. We promise you $10 gasoline in five years, we promise utility bills that will sent you to Fanny and Freddie for a loan, we promise you a cap and trade tax that will put you in the unemployment line, we promise to bankrupt the airlines and auto manufacturers and their dealers. And, we are just beginning. We will chase the oil companies out of this country, just as we did the nuclear power plant manufacturers. We will promise renewable energy but will deliver little. We will send even more dollars to radical Islam. At the same time we will say we are still the party of the worker, the union worker, and the poor. Boy, will we put the screws to all of you. 

See, our real new supporters are the good people in San Francisco, Manhattan, and Hollywood, the worshipers of an ideological, ill logical world that takes us back to the garden of Eden, complete with the snake, brother Gore. And, of course, the hedge fund managers who gave you all those mortgage loans you can’t repay. These are the folks who tell we Democrats what to do now, not you poor folks. But, there aren’t enough of them yet to get us elected. In fact, we have lost a few as they got a taste of what this worship does to America. But, they have the dough and they have the clout and they are fun  to go to cocktail parties with, so we will do their bidding.

Every speaker you will see in the next week will refuse to tell you this truth. They will say they are the party of the poor. They will give new lip service to the energy idea since many are sinking in the polls for not saying it, including Barack. But, as you will see when congress reconvenes, they are lying through their teeth. 

Come on folks, it’s time to tell the world you can’t serve two masters. You are the party of the radical folks who want to take away the American Dream by shutting down all forms of progress in this country. Drain the Strategic Reserve while you are at it. What the hell, it’s only our last line of defense if Russia or someone else comes calling. We will fight them with windmills like that other warrior Don Quixote. 

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  1. gcn888 says:

    “The next generation will not grieve because they will not know what they have lost,”

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