Democratic Party Green Convention May Backfire

August/09/2008 0:51AM
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Barring no expense and in geneflection to the Reverend Al Gore and the rabid environmentalists that control the party, the Democratic National Convention will embrace green. Everything will emphasize green. Top to bottom everything is orchestrated  to show the American people the Democratic Party is the Green Party.

If the Republicans are smart they will have oil derricks, piles of coal, and natural gas symbols everywhere. They need to be the party of energy. They need to tie energy to jobs and national security.

When the Democrats were planning the green convention they obviously thought it was the issue of the year. It is clearly the major difference between the parties today. But, the American people have spoken. They put our economy, their jobs, and our freedom ahead of Al Gore’s plan to save the planet. 

This is the issue that will determine who wins the presidency, some Senate seats, and Congressional seats in November.

3% of our electric power comes from wind and solar today. It is estimated that demand will go up 20% in the next 10 years. Al Gore says we can do all of that with no fossil fuels, no coal, no nuclear. Al, you have to be the dumbest man in America, if not the world. Obama says we can run our cars on electricity but doesn’t way how we will produce the electricity. Now, the Democrats plan to flaunt their commitment to green at the convention.

Do you suppose there are meeting taking place every day to discuss whether this is still a good idea. 

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